Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Loud Mary Keep on Rolling


23 studs and a visitor at the end – hit Mary this morning and here is how it went down.

COP : Merkins – SSH’s, Windmills, Helicopters, IW’s, Copperhead squats

Track work: Partner up run the track opposite ways – meet in the middle 10 merkins of some variation – run back to start 10 merkins of some variation – repeat 4 times for four full loops.

Wilson’s Boxing Cockroach – partner up – 3 sets of 20.

Triple Check : run the length of blacktop and back – SSH’s , captain thors

Army crawl – across the front yard to the sidewalk 10 merkins – polarbear across the yard to the end 10 merkins.

Partner leg toss – 3 sets of 20

Curb Crawl ladder 1-5 and back down.

The scoop: Big Blue was packed with fun this morning before the work out – perfect picture of a clown car – enjoyed it Lockjaw, Bleeder, TYA, and Labrat !

Been a while since YHC has Q’d Mary – really enjoyed it fella’s. Seems we were a bit too loud there at the end – as a visitor Sarah came across the street in her PJ’s to let us know we were being extremely loud. I have to say I applaud the fact that she walked over waited her turn in nameorama and politely told us we were being loud. Oh well this happens at least once a year – no harm done – hope she passes her exam.

Great to see everyone out there this morning – way to work –  thanks for allowing me to lead .

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Great Q, Swirly. Lots of bear crawls, a Sugar Sock-approved beat-down.

    Much respect to Sarah, there is no way I walk over alone in my PJ’s (or riot gear for that matter) and tell 23 dudes to quiet down.

  2. Keymaster could have calmed her down like he did to the lady on Lindsay Ct at Hoedown a few weeks ago.

  3. I liked how Sarah singled out and directed her comments specifically to Labrat. She knows where the noise comes from.

    I am surprised Swirly didn’t EH her to join us.

  4. Wedding Singer on

    Classic Sarah. Did she just silently wait her turn and then, accordingly, say her name and grievance? much respect to her and the way she handled it! Job Swirl!

  5. Umm, BS to blame it on me. I talk alot but not loudly. She did however, say that to me because she tried to jump my place in line and I told her to wait her turn….which she did.

    Kudos to her for voicing her grievance. And if we are pointing any fingers here, let’s just say Swirly gets excited sometimes when the merkin rep gets high….

    Nice Q, btw. Everybody come out to Dogpile Saturday for legs day…

  6. Easy tiger. Verbose vs Volume. Fair enough.

    Excellent Q today Swirly. Way to work the AO and return us to the blacktop.

  7. The look on Sarah’s face as we finished was priceless. Great Q, Swirly. Lots of movement, no downtime. BTW, I partnered with Hoser a fair amount of the time but didn’t see him listed. Hoser, did you leave early?

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks BT. Yikes my bad Hoser – didn’t hear your name on the recording dude..

  9. Solid Q Swirly! Just found another acorn buried in my knee. 🙂

    Sarah will be held in the FNG bank for someone, someday. It’s forever a sacred F3RVA name.

  10. I thought she was a Munford teacher arriving early until I noticed she was wearing pajamas. We should ask her next week how she did on her exam.