Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Man, that field is long!


A strong 11 made their way to WDOG for a post election workout.  Some stayed up late for election results, while others enjoyed the first College Basketball games of the Season.  In either case, all were ready to roll at 5:30.

Mosey to large traffic circle where we continued in a single file jog around the circle for warm ups.  Cherry pickers, jog, inside shuffle, outside shuffle, jog, walk in squat position, jog, Army crawl into Bear crawl, jog, recover.

COP: DQ’s, SSH’s, Russian Soldiers, American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s.


Stay at circle-Ring of fire:  PAX jogs in place, Q calls out fire and PAX hits the ground, rolls to the right and perform Merkin, roll back to the left and perform Merkin, back up on feet.  This goes on X 10.

Mosey over to the field: PAX in plank position in line moving down the field about 4ft apart.  1st in line performs 10 Merkins then weaves in and out of the PAX to the end, then drops back in plank.  As each member completes exercise and starts the “run”, next in line will start.  Once all members have completed the Merkins, next exercise becomes WWII’s X 10.  This continues down the length of field to far end alternating Merkins and WWII’s.

Stay at field for diagonal four corners: Corner 1 10 Carolina Dry Docks, run diagonal to corner 2 for 10 CDD, 20 2 count Mountain Climbers, across to corner 3 for 30 SSH’s, diagonal to corner 4 for 40 2 count American Hammers.  Once complete, reverse order back to the original start.

Mosey to Amphitheater stage.  Perform 7 reps each of Hand Release Merkins, Air Presses, Copper Head Squats, then run complete lap around theater X 3.  Ran out of time after 2, back to the flag.  Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


As always, a privilege to work with a great group of Men.  The field work took a little longer than YHC had envisioned…that field is long!  YHC had planned more work on the “chain” exercise, but scrapped it for another day.  The warm up at the beginning seems to be gaining popularity.  It helps to alleviate the shock of the cold, wet ground right off the bat.  Thanks for allowing YHC to lead and playing along on the long field exercises.  Have a great day, Gents!


Please, keep Toga and his family in your thoughts and prayers in the Sudden passing of his Mother.

Hammer and Nails this Saturday!

Shakedown is looking for some fellow paint ballers to join him after the Richmond Marathon this Saturday.  Reach out of you’re interested.  Respect the Shakedown, as he will be pulling of a trifecta this Saturday; Marathon, Paintball game, Hammer and Nails.  Best of luck, my man!




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Flange!
    Way to work guys.
    Bodos high jumping the gate during the last exercise – wow well done dude !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. BTW, I have the push up count at 151 for those that finished all three of the reps at the end on stage.

  3. Oh, yeah! I forgot about the hurdler in the group. That was impressive, Bodos! I would have certainly eaten a fair share of pavement…

  4. Great Q Flange! I’ve been wanting to pull the fire drills out for a while. Was glad to see them in practice. Love the wrestling warmups. Great addition to the rotation. Bodos has definitely stolen something in the past and gotten away (kidding of course). The brother can jump. He reminds me of Ezell from Friday.

  5. It’s easy to tell that you are a born coach/leader, Flange. Never a dull moment. Keep it moving. Clear commands. Great cadence. Anyway, well done.

    As for paintball. Starting 20 some years back we used to party for my and my best friends October birthdays, drink too much and then play a big game of paintball once a year (hungover). I stopped planning them for awhile and it died but one of my closest friends lives in Culebra, PR and has resumed the tradition a couple years ago. It’s good clean fun and out 10 years plus kids do it now too. There are still some covert beers for those inclined but it’s much tamer. Still hella fun. Think about coming out and meeting some Shakedown origin story characters- lol – https://www.facebook.com/events/1919559288140320/?ti=ia