Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Q that Yardsale would approve of


5 Confident Warriors showed up Washington Henry for some Kb action.  Everyone was super excited that Yardsale had the Q this morning.  Around 5:31, someone noticed there was no Yardsale.  Oh well, hot potato Q then!

COP (Helix Style) —
Arm circles, merkins, DQ’s,

11’s (No Idea style) —
10 demon crushers, lunge across loop, 1 halo
Continue till done

Don’t Drop the soap (Alternative Mudface version) —
Start with around the worlds until droppage happens then run the lot and do 5 snatches each side.  Sometime after doing about 100 round the worlds, Mudface decided things were too easy so we reversed things and did snatches till we dropped the soap and then came back and did 5, then 10 round the worlds until we had had enough and just stopped abruptly. 🙂

Little Beast (Opus style) —
run to each stop and do 6 merkins, come back yadayada
next go round — kb swings, farmer carry in between

Oh look at the time!
finished up with 10 KB Thrusters IC

Passed to Chewie for one boat canoe.

NMS — What a great morning for a workout!  Helix started it off right with a nice COP and handed it off to No Idea.  No Idea comes in with the 11’s and Mudface starts complaining that it’s the first Wednesday of the month so we usually do the Murph the first Wednesday.  The overall consensus was that if you want to do the Murph the first Wednesday, then you gotta sign up for the first Wednesday to Q.
YHC will not hound Yardsale for missing his Q this morning.  YHC knows what that feels like.  🙁  Hope you are feeling okay.  See ya Friday.



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