Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All Kinds of Suck Right Here


Terrific trot today for a hearty group of Spider Runners. It is the opening of college basketball season, and prior to F3, my ritual would be to try to run around the arena where the Rams were playing. F3 punted that ritual, but I wanted to give it a go this morning, somewhat modified, as we essentially circled El Center de Robins.

Busy day for me, so here’s the quick MOLESKIN.

Richmond Way to Claiborne Stadium. Left there to Boatright. Boatright to Lakewood to Wood to Baldwin (modified Fudd Runn here). Baldwin all the way up to Hollins. Right on Hollins, Right on Woodberry.

4 Milers take a right on Westham and head back to the Commons from there (Baldwin, Wood, Lakewood, south of Robins Center).

5 & 6 Milers Head to the dead end at Horsepen. Right on Horsepen, hairpin turn on Patterson to Ridge Top.

Then we all get to do Chandler.

5 Milers do it twice and 6 Milers do it three times. It came a bit out of the vault, did Chandler, and it hasn’t gotten a lot easier since we did it probably a year (or more!) together. Chandler to Gardiner, through the woods and home.

6 Milers went back to Ridgetop, then to Hempstead, to Wood, to Lakeside then home.

Pretty hilly run.

Now to more important stuff. I’ve got a suite open tonight for the VCU game, one of the few times all year it has been unsold. If you would like to go, shoot me an email rrobinson@vcusportsproperties.com and I can leave you tickets. Pretty much could be an F3 night at the suite if enough of you want to go. Either way, if you want to go to the game tonight…tip off at 7pm, let me know.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice route Marv – thanks for taking the lead !
    Enjoyed it BT – Great call to do some merkins in front of Toga’s old house – certainly thinking about him at this time.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. That was a beater fo sho. I’m fighting off needing a nap as we speak. Well done, Marv! Good company, Swirly, and we didn’t really even get lost.

  3. That was a beating, Marv. Great route. Chandler is worth the membership fee. Forget fighting off a nap… I took today off…time for a nap.

  4. It’s all fun and tapering games when you’re out for an easy 4 miles until last night’s guacamole rears its ugly head and you are at the farthest point from a known bathroom. No worries, F3 has trained me for this. Turn the tapering run into a 2-mile sprint back to the Robbins Center (cruising past Bootleg who must have been thinking “where the hell is he going?”) up the hill into the parking lot and a last 100-year AYG to the Captain’s Chair (i.e., the handicap port-a-john). And the Buzzer sounds!

    After all that excitement, Gumbo decided to make a quiet exit and proceed to the voting poll.

    I will have to wait for the next Vault opening to experience Chandler.

    Have a good day guys!

  5. I didn’t realize how much I had missed that route until this morning Marv. Well done pulling that from the archives.

    Gumbo – at 2 miles you were probably close to Marv’s house. Could have dropped a tron right in the front yard. Today’s rain would have washed it clean away.

  6. Did you call out the last 100 yards like a horse race?

    “And DOWN the stretch the come. Gumbo in the lead by 5 lengths…it’s GUMBO at the wire…”

  7. Nice run, all! Thanks for the conversation Vinny, Wedding Singer, Handshake and TYA. It was nice to taper this morning. Thanks for extending the route and pushing me at the end, TYA. Lots of things crappin out this morning.