Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2 Beasts in search of the Arc


YHC pulled into BWES at 0513 in the pouring rain and sat “eagerly” awaiting more PAX members.  A car pulled in.  Looked like a Bleeder mobile but it  headed straight for Gumbo’s second home…the small green building.  Honestly, YHC thought for a minute, “well, maybe it is just a super eager teacher who had to go sooo bad that he/she couldn’t even make it inside.  It couldn’t be another PAX member.”

Not so fast, it was Bleeder and he was ready to roll.  0530…BOOM.  2 beasts without regard for sanity or safety posted to River Run and literally ran through the rivers and streams flowing through Tarrington and Powderham in search of the Arc.  Surely it was around because the floods were coming.  At one point, coming down Twin Team, YHC had to remove his headlamp because of the blinding reflection in the wall of rain ahead of him.

4 miles and not a dry piece of clothing around.  Great work!

Today was certainly one that YHC would have audibled had Bleeder not emerged from the small green building ready to run.  Thanks for being there Bleeder.

COT, COR, NOR was quick.  We didn’t want to get wet after all.

No announcements.

No More Gumbo For You!


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