Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And a one, two, three…a one, two, three


25 band members, including 3 FNGs, plus one conductor posted for the Lawrence Welk Show revival tour, RVA edition.  During the next pledge driver, PBS will rebroadcast the show, in black-and-white, this way:

Warm-up Act: Mosey to the near traffic circle:
Invisible jump rope, IWs, SSHs, Hillbillies, LBCs, flutter kicks, HRMs and fire hydrants…each x16

For our First Number…Mosey to the Carillon.  Partner up…Wheelbarrow across the bricks the “long way.”  At the end of each turn, add Shoulder Presses.  First round 10, 2nd round 15, 3rd round 16.

For our Second Number…Mosey to the field behind the Carillon for Touch-a-Tree.  Partner up. Rounds of 10-8-6-4-2…some mix of Mary…flutter kicks, LBCs, snow angels, burpees and one other thing.  Planking and HRMs mixed in for the six.

Brass rusts in the rain, so for our Third Number…onto the side street next to Rugby Road for Up-and-Down, partner style…Run down the hill, 20 WWIIs, backwards run up the hill, 10 ‘mercans…repeato x3 or until time called.

The Band closed out the morning in the Amphitheater with an extended re-mix…a little number called “V-Ups.” Let’s take it from the top…18, dropping one for each step down…one lap around the Amphitheater for an encore.

BTTF.  Number-a-ma, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


Hammers and Ales coming up…don’t be a tool.  Bring a friend, bring a tool, and help a good cause.  Nov 10, 6 p.m.  http://f3rva.org/2018/10/31/pre-blast-please-come-to-hammers-ales-11-10-18-6pm/

Gro-Ruck comes to Richmond March 22-24, 2019. Spend a weekend pushing yourself and growing yourself, backpack-style.  Final exam requires carrying a Henrico County 7th grader’s backpack 300 yards to the bus stop.  Harder than it sounds.

Bear Creek 10-miler. Ankle tape and high tops optional.  Come hear the Kingston Trio sing “Charlie on the MTA” on repeat throughout the 10 miles.  Lab Rat Stew at the Finish.

Today was an FNG-Fest for rights to the Ghost Flag.  Two SOJ men posted, in the Northern Hemispheric sense…one Virginian, one Floridian…thus securing the GF for SOJ.  Welcome to Purple Rain, Knope, and (briefly, but now formerly, Z-Pack), hereafter called, “Bone Thug.”

YHC appreciates the push from Flange, Gumbo, and Sippy Cup.  Nice work, fellas.

Much grumbling by the pax during the Wheelbarrow + Shoulder Press.  This also made an appearance on Monday when YHC Q’d Hoedown.  YHC has now done the shoulder presses with both Splinter and Flange, thus illuminating the spectrum of “verticality.”

Lastly, the backblast title comes courtesy of YHC’s cadence, only recently diagnosed as bearing an uncanny resemblance to Lawrence Welk’s conducting.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Feeling it in the abs Upchuck, way to fight off the candy excesses of Halloween. Was caked in mud from the V-Ups, haven’t been that dirty from a beatdown in a while.
    GrowRuck is coming, mark your calendar!

  2. Solid beatdown Upchuck. Welcome FNGs. In particular welcome Bone Thug. Props to you for initiating attending a beatdown and then following through. Your oddball humor and extended knowledge of all things useless, obscure and random make you a welcome addition to the group. Get back out soon. As always, 2nd F was fantastic. And again, Yahd Khakis were a major point of discussion. You can get a pair in Bangcock Maine.

  3. I laugh every time I watch the video. I was also pleasantly surprised at Swirly’s affinity for Lawrence Welk. Thanks for the push Opus and Abba! Great job Bone Thug and that is clearly the superior name. Here’s to many more. All you gotta do is get to 10. Great time at ETs as always.

    Get it all out. Dig a little deeper. Be super.

  4. Great Q Upchuck (and maybe my first experience of an Upchuck Q – didn’t disappoint). Can I get a name change from “Goldman” to “Gumbo” in the PAX list…you know, Big Data and all.

    I agree with HoneyDo, my abs are burning.

    Great job by the FNGs. Welcome men. Come back soon and often!

  5. Oh, man, Gumbo. My bad.

    That’s what I get for trying to listen to a 10 year old, play cards, and listen to the COT recording all at once!!

  6. Welcome FNGs! Heck of a way to start a heck of a day. UpChuck never disappoints (except when he crumbles under presssure from Vinny) just kidding – Bone Thug is a lovely name ? and way to push homie.

    Thanks for coming out Knope! You kicked ass. Come back.

    Your highness, Purple Rain ( and yes I know I spelled it RIGHT) glad you made it out this morning man. Hope to see you back.