Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fab 5 at SOT


5 ghosts of the gloom posted to SOT to get their Halloween started right.  With expectations of consuming an unhealthy amount of sugar, pizza and/or beer, here is what YHC had in store:

Mosey down to the track and 4 laps for our mile of the day….YHC managed 30 out of 31 days.  Not bad but room for improvement in 2019.

Circle up in the lower parking for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs
  • Spider Merkins – quite a treat!
  • LBCs


11s with donkey kicks and jump squats and a run around the concession/restroom building in between rounds.

Plank-o-rama and Alternating Shoulder Taps to catch our breath

The Suck – 4 exercise stations and 1 rabbit runs up the hill and back to trigger the switches

  • Exercise stations were: Flutter Kicks, Carolina Dry Docks, Good Slow Squats, Freddie Mercuries
  • Round 1 – lunge to transition between stations
  • Round 2 – bear crawl

Variety Show up the Hill – make our way up the hill as a PAX using method called by Q, including:

  • Polar Bears
  • Lunges
  • Broad-Jump Burpees
  • Backwards Lunges
  • Bunny Hops

ROF – hold six inches and when it is your turn do 10 box cutters and pass it along.

3MOM, including:

  • Hello Dollies
  • Rosalitas
  • American Hammers
  • 30 seconds of Superman

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out


  • Hampton Roads 2-year convergence this Saturday.  Jville was talking about going…anyone else?
  • Marmaduke still collecting coats and jackets
  • Shakedown is collecting canned food for the Food Bank
  • Hammer & Ales fundraiser to benefit the Tool Bank – November 10 – see Viral or LugNut for details
  • Ghost Flag is up for grabs this Saturday at Dogpile – Region who brings the most adult, male FNGs gets the flag…time to headlock men!
  • Merkin November Challenge…otherwise known as Flipper Patient Drive Challenge


Absolutely no plan this morning other than getting in the last mile of the day.  With the dreaded 5’some, partner exercises and triple checks were out, so YHC’s old trust SUCK was in order.  Just needed a nice quad busting 11s to get warmed up.

Great effort and fellowship this morning.  Great to have Gatekeeper out again.  Keep posting brother!

Thanks for letting me lead this morning guys!  Always a pleasure.

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Well done Gumbo. Good call using the concrete wall for donkey kicks, don’t want to mess up the AO with full service bathrooms. Yes, you read that right, open all the time.
    Not sure why everyone shook their head when I mentioned I have the Q at Timberwolf tomorrow. See you all there, post Halloween hangover friendly.

  2. Nice beatdown Gumbo! The SUCK didn’t actually suck as bad as the Variety Show up the Hill…something about backward lunges uphill just doesn’t compute.

    Great to meet you Gatekeeper!

    Happy Halloween y’all!