Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Skeleton Run


16 strong posted and ran the Halloween Eve Morning Edition of Spider Run.  YHC grabbed and revived an old Splinter route which went (or was supposed to go) something like this:

4’s – Around the lake and up University to Ralston.  Right on Ralston and then an immediate left back onto University.  Go to end and venture up the driveway of death.  Continue past the old house and down the trail through the playground.  Right on Roslyn Hills up to top of the hill and reverse route back to the VSF.

5’s – 4 mile course but continue left onto September at the top of Roslyn Hills.  September becomes Countryside and follow down to a left on Ruggles.  Ruggles to a left on Roslyn Hills.  Right into playground and back to the VSF.

6’s – 5 mile course and add the mile loop around the UR School of Business.

Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out.


YHC thinks he gave Saab-like directions this morning.  YHC thought everyone would remember this route from Splinter back in the Spring, but YHC didn’t realize that there would be a mix up from another route that he did this Summer involving the same trail.  Also, many PAX members wanted to take the “Gumbo trail Route” from last week’s Spider Run that offshoots the lake trail, but YHC corrected them.  After his first half of the 4 mile route, YHC decided to wait back at the playground entrance so everyone would know where to turn on the way back.  He forgot about Vinny and TYA, but they made it back.  YHC had a last mile PR back to the VSF due the fact that he likes to catch up to and get beside Bleeder with about 150 yards to go and have a sprint-off with him.  This can be deadly!  YHC challenges anyone to sprint against Bleeder at the end of a run.  YHC’s Garmin had his heart rate at 195 at the end of that sprint.  Well done, Bleeder!  A couple PAX moved up in the distance ranks.  Vinny got in 5 miles while running with TYA.  Great job!  Gomer Pyle joined the 6 milers (YHC thinks he used to be a 5 miler, he may be wrong???)  Rib Cage (the skeleton) didn’t make it far and sat down by a shrub on the trail near the playground.  Lug Nut did “Lug Nut” things and had us worried about him being lost again, but he eventually showed up.

Overall, it was a great morning for a run!  Gumbo and Gomer Pyle are really putting in the miles and are getting themselves ready for the half-marathon along with YHC.  Paces are picking up, but soon it will be time to taper.

Have a great day all and Happy Halloween tomorrow to all!


keep posting!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good route – Kubota – glad I was running with Gumbo and BT or I still might be out there …
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Another reason I roll with TYA, he never gets lost. Great route and run today. I hear the prayer was great. 🙂

  3. Good route Kubota. Somebody needs to tell me how University Drive splits (and goes both right and left) before Westham, then on the right turns into Sunset, while the left continues University until Ralston then you need to go right on Ralston just to get back to University…HUH? That is a Tuckahoe special for you!

    Thanks for keeping us from going up into the woods again Kubota, that first offshoot is so enticing.

    Great running with BT and Swirly as usual. Without you two I would have been much slower. Tired legs were setting in but the company pulled me through.

  4. Tire Iron.

    Just so you all know a tire iron will open a manhole cover. Mission accomplished. Headlamp working perfectly after I found the pieces.

    Life is hard, but its harder if you are stupid.

    Great trying to remember the route with Sippy, Marv, and Faceplant. Its really not that hard when I can see it on a map.

    Gitty up

    Gomer Pyle

  5. Never quite sure when I’m pushing the pace or a running partner is pulling me along, either way running with a partner is always better, thanks Shake. WDog tomorrow, costumes optional, come dressed as yourself or your favorite other member of the PAX (preferably not TYA in his tights though).

  6. Sorry to miss this morning guys but glad Kubota took you to scary places. If Gomer was wearing a headlamp he must have been really scared.

  7. like in your car?

    so do you have to do VDoT things at all hours? Like the Swirly of VDoT?

    If a shovel cant fix it, Swirly says it dont need fixin’. Aint that right!

  8. Just scared enough at the end to drop my headlamp when running by Lora Robbins hall . (Freshmen womens residence in yesteryear)

    Its like the haunted mansion

    some Skeltons need to stay in the closet !!!!