Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



“First we go south under the cover of darkness, then we attack North in small groups” was the order from Gen Tippecanoe.

The 7 man squad executed flawlessly on both trails and roads and met minimal resistance.

It all started with a rare showing from Ferlin who asked approval of those assembled whether #NoShirt, gloves, and ear warmer was acceptable for a 48 degree start. TYA thought for a moment, and you can tell that he wanted to object that he is the #noshirt king, but he said, “not sure about the gloves, hoss”.  Then someone said “Dude, you just do you” and there was much rejoicing.

Tippecanoe is PR seeking for the last few XC meets of the year, so he and YHC took off as fast as they could. Of course the trails and darkness slowed us down a bit, just enough for Hardywood to catch us right at the finish. 68min for the lead element.

Hutton and TYA secured the 6.

Saab secured the road network.

TYA took us out.


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