Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“We Bang ‘Em Out!”


Seven people who didn’t stay up to watch Boston win another ring posted at Batteau for our weekly edition of Handoff-o-rama. This is how we do it…

Swirly Q: COP IC – SSHs / DQs / Helicopters / LBCs. Mosey to picnic tables. Incline merkins x 10 … Dips x 15 … Stepups x 20 (10 each leg). Repeato x 3. PAX planks. various formations mixed with 10 HR merkins … 10 knuckle merkins … 10 wide grip merkins.

Bleeder Q: Crazy 888s. Run figure 8 loop around the driveway by the Stonehouse. Start and finish each lap at the cross-section of the figure 8. At the completion of each lap, bang out 8 Lt Dans and 8 Scorpion kicks. 8 Loops total. Fast PAX ran an extra loop sans excercises.

Vinny Q: Mosey to pasture on left side of the Stonehouse. Form home base at a tree. Polar Bear to an assigned tree and back. Next – Russian Soliders to next tree and back. Next – crabwalk to next tree and back. Finally – sprint to next tree, bang out five burpees, sprint back to base tree. Mosey back to driveway loop for ascending incline / decline merkins with lunges. To 10. Back to the flag for Mary IC: Heels to Heaven x 10. Crunchy Frogs x 10. American Hammers x 10. 6:15 a.m.

Faceplant took us out.

Announcements: Ghost Flag will be up Sat. at Dogpile. Nano region who brings the most qualifying FNGs wins. Adult males 18 and older.

NMS: Last weekend during CSAUP second F, there were lots of important discussions about many worldly topics. Why wearing jeans is inappropriate. Explaining to TYA what yard khakis are. Seasonal dictations for cords and seersucker, to name a few. Mixed in was the offering by Swirly that we don’t “do merkins,” “we bang ’em out!” We don’t “do SSHs,” “we bang ’em out!” Well said Swirly. I couldn’t agree more. So as we go forth men, don’t do today, bang it out!


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