Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cliffhanger Hangs out @ Breaking Bread


2 dads and 2 sons met up with pots, pans and other assorted cooking implements to feed some folks at Breaking Bread on a Sunday evening.  This is how it all got eaten:

-Warmup:  lug all Lab Rat’s crap up the steps.  Let Cliffhanger know that he’s cooking.

-THANG:  The Chicken Bog:  Saute some onions, garlic and sausage and warm up the broth.  Combine above with fresh pulled chicken and rice.  Cook for 20 minutes.  Load up bowls and serve with butter bread.

Mary:  mint chocolate chip ice cream (plus some other kind, who cares?) plus chocolate chip cookies.

NMS:  Young Cliffhanger got handed the reigns of tonight’s dinner right out of the gate by the Q, and there was no turning back.  He handled it like a pro though, kid’s got game.  Also, he’s just about as tall as daddy now too.  Toro did a great job of guarding the chair by the door.  To his credit, a room full of strangers is not his wheelhouse.  He complained minimally.

Somehow, we ran out of food, with BARELY enough to feed the guests (everybody got some, a couple folks got seconds).  Rosie, Toro and Lab Rat took one for the team and skipped the meal.  No worries though, there was plenty of ice cream and cookies for us to calm the rumblings enough to get home and make an alternate supper.  Next time 3 chickens.

As always, these are some down on their luck folks trying to get by and are super appreciative of a meal.  Thanks to Rosie and Cliffhanger for lending support and knocking dessert out of the park (did I mention the mint chocolate chip ice cream?!?).  Rosie, you should be proud of such a grounded young man you are raising.


-November 25th is the last Breaking Bread that needs a Q for the year.  Get some.


Apology of the week goes out to Rosie for no dinner.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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