Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another Blow Out at Hoedown


A lucky 13 pugilists came forth on the day before the penultimate day of October to celebrate the start of the week and the 31st Anniversary of Thomas Hearns winning his fourth boxing title.  The glow-light runners on Forest tell the tale this way:

COP: Mosey to Church parking lot.  IW’s x 15, IJR x20, Hillbillies x10, SSHs x20, DQs, LBCs x25, Rosalitas, and HRMs x10

Mosey to the Teacher’s Parking Lot:

Partner up.
Round 1: Wheelbarrow across parking lot.  Partner 1 does 10 shoulder presses.  Swap spots, wheelbarrow back.
Round 2: x15
Round 3: Q senses brewing revolution…Semi-audible…

Mosey to the Parent Parking Lot:

11’s…squats, run the parking lot, run backwards up the asphalt hill, and decline merkins

Mosey to West Drive Circle for Lindsey: flutter kicks and monkey humpers.  Run West Drive Circle between rounds.

Mosey back to the Bus Circle:
Triple check…BTTW, Frederick Mercury, and run the loop.

Circle up at the SF for one round of Mary…Hello Dollies x10

Number-a-ma, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.

November 3 – Hardywood is hosting FNG Fest with the Ghost Flag at Dogpile. Bring a friend and see whether they have the stuff to be nicknamed “Harambe”
Marmaduke is collecting coats for the homeless…likely everyone of us has a closet with old stuff in it (YHC certainly does). If you haven’t worn it in 2 winters…consider the pride you will have seeing your coat keeping someone warm this winter.
BRR…early December.  BT is looking to be persuaded to register. Ankle tape, elbow pads, and a decent rake are all optional.

Hutton put it very well this morning.  “Did I miss a chili cook off this weekend?”  W.O.W.  The horn section came out in full force.  The PAX took “push yourself, don’t hurt yourself” to the edge.
YHC was happy to welcome HoneyDo back to Hoedown, thus the Wheelbarrow + Shoulder Press combination…YHC apologizes to the PAX for not including ZingFit in the evolutions.
YHC continues to be impressed with the PAX’s ability to come up with new ways to count reps. 2-count? 4-count?  By 5’s? By 10’s?   New math abounds…https://boingboing.net/2014/03/10/a-math-teacher-explains-new.html

Enjoy the day, fellas.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Good mix today Upchuck. I feel as if we could have gotten to 20 on the shoulder presses.

    Nice work not caring about the redskins win this weekend.

  2. Nice Q Upchuck. Your shoulder press demo with Splinter needs to make it to YouTube. Nice to meet and partner with Greenbow and good to see Angus continue his reverse-hibernation posting routine.

  3. Perfect weather for an UpChuck Q. Any more uphill backwards runs might have been a problem. Not sure who it was, but it sure sounded like a whoopee cushion at the West Drive loop. Whoo!

  4. 20 Redskins burpees will be added during a future Hoedown Q! Y’all better believe it! HTTR!

  5. Good catch…we did them after the Announcements…tip of the hat to those who remembered.

    Footnote: anyone know why the Washington Post app has zero articles on the Skins?

  6. Nice Q + bonus 20 at the end. The shoulder press after wheelbarrows was not nearly as bad as it sounded (also nowhere near our reactions when you called it). SOLID!

  7. Today’s disclaimer should have been “Push yourself, don’t sh*t yourself, this is a you vs. your underwear workout”