Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Might as Well Jump!



3, … wait,      now 4, wait…       now ….  8 steadfast and brave warriors filed in this morning for a VH beatdown.

Rock and Roll Slaughter Starter — 15 burpees

arm circles, DQ, angled knee jumps, one legged merkins, jump squats

Love Lot —
One partner runs the length of the lot and back, other does board jump burpees, exchange places, keep going till the end is reached.

Pick a bench — 2 box jumps, run to the road 4 box jumps, run , repeato until 10 box jumps have been done

VH Trivia contest — right answers are 5 burpees, wrong answers are bear crawl down and up the hill plus 5 burpees (answers in the NMS)
1) In which country were the Van Halen’s born?
2) Name the two other singers VH has had besides David Lee Roth?
3) On what Michael Jackson song does Eddie Van Halen have a guitar solo?
4) What color M and M’s did the band insist be removed at every gig? (true story)
5) Who played clarinet for the band on one of their songs?
6) What famous rocker signed Van Halen to their first contract?

Pull out the speaker and the spotify for the classic “Jump”!

Intro — plank
drums kick in — mountain climbers
verse — merkins
pre chorus — angled knee jumps
chorus — big jump on “JUMP”s little jumps in between
solos — sideways bear crawls around the circle, both ways, forward and back
interlude — back to plank

Mary —
flutters, scissors, freddies, heels to heaven, am hams

Numbers, Names, announcements

1) the Netherlands (got it right)
2) Sammy Hagar, Gary Cherone (from Extreme — the More Than Words band) (missed)
3) Beat It (missed)
4) Brown (missed)
5) Jan Van Halen, their father (got it — kind of)
6) Gene Simmons (got it w/help)

This whole workout was based on the routine I came up with for the song “Jump”.  The lads did a pretty good job on the trivia, but they could have done better. Mudface said that he would do much better on a genre called Black Metal.  No Idea what that is.   No one came dressed in spandex with a hole cut out of their butt, but Emoji did show up this morning with some wacky looking beard and hair.  It looked like an ancient medieval wizard get-up.  It did make us laugh though when he tried to do the burpees at the beginning with it on.

See you all in the gloom



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