Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wednesday Hill Ruck


Two boys named Applewhite, one born and raised in Courtland, VA and the other born and still being raised in RVA, posted for the Wednesday Hill Run/Ruck.

YHC decided to put on the ruck sack and give it all he had for a short loop.  Husky led the way and ran as fast as YHC has ever seen him.  13.30 pace is not bad with 35lbs on the back.  Husky got a 13.00 pace!  We hit another short loop taking it easy by walking and jogging with the ruck sack still on and then called it a day.

Only a couple more Wednesday’s until the time changes and darkness takes over the Hill Run.

See ya in the gloom!


keep posting!



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