Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who is Saab and what will he have me do….?


…two questions that YHC was asking himself during COP one year ago during his first F3 post.  YHC was thinking to himself during COP that if he could be in half the shape that Saab was after a few F3 workouts, then things would be ok.  After Slurpee and Keymaster made YHC run one mile from his house to the AO, YHC was already out of breath before the words “let’s mosey” were uttered by Saab.  Damn, YHC thought, I have already run/walked a mile (mostly uphill), I don’t think I can finish this workout!

In our normal and ordinary life, it was 35 degrees and dark this morning at Tuckahoe Elementary, but in our other life (F3 life), it was 70 and Sunny.  A stalwart 15 descended upon TES for light calisthenics.  This is what transpired….


Helicopters x 15

Don Quixotes x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 20

…..and for the Redskin’s BIG win against the Cowboy’s….. x 20 Burpees OYO!!!  FIRST PLACE, Baby!!!!

mosey over to and down Lindsay Ct for a round of Lindsay’s

10 Merkins/30 Heels to Heaven

high knees 50 yards up Lindsay Ct

15 Merkins/25 Heels to Heaven

butt kickers 50 yards up


carioke 50 yards up


backwards run 50 yards up


mosey to the field behind the school for:

5 x Donkey Kicks on school wall, bear crawl 15-20 yards and perform 5 x merkins, run to other side of field and perform 5 x jump squats.  Repeato x 10, x 15, x 20.

Mosey over to Asphalt Abyss for:


Perform 1 x merkin, run halfway to fence and perform 1 x jump squat, run to fence and perform 1 x Burpee, run back to start.  Repeato x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5, x 6, x 7.

Mosey over to Shovel Flag and partner up for:

2 x 20 PLT’s each partner

Two Minutes of Mary:

Reverse Crunches


One Burpee for the Redskin’s win against the Carolina Panthers two Sundays ago.


Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!



Wow!  What a year!  YHC could barely make the mile up to the AO on the morning of his first post and then he had to run the mile back home after the workout.  YHC admits, he walked a lot of it back home and it was mostly downhill.  It would take YHC a week to almost recover so that he could post at Hoedown again!  For the first few weeks, it was only Hoedown for YHC, until he got a little stronger and found out about other AO’s that F3RVA had during other days of the week.  After a clown car of 5 River Road Hills PAX made it to a 45MOM post, YHC knew that he was locked into the F3 world!

It only felt appropriate to re-play my first workout this morning.  Saab did a great job of beating my a*s, so I wanted to see how far I had come since that first morning.  YHC thinks he did a pretty good job of beating his own a*s this morning, too!  Who did the Q better?  I am not going to say because it would not be fair to Saab since he wasn’t there!!!  Safe travels for work, buddy!

YHC does know that the following is true:

1st F:  Like YHC wrote earlier in this post, he could barely run/walk the mile up and back during his first post, but he just ran over 10 miles last Friday at RAMM for a half marathon training run!  YHC would have to say that he is in the second best shape of his life at the age of 41 and it is all because of you, the fellow PAX members, that push me each morning!  Playing High School Football would be the beast shape he was ever in (Glory Days).

2nd F:  YHC considers all of you his friends and family!  He has been on camping trips with PAX members, served food to the homeless with PAX members, gone out to eat with fellow PAX members, and his contact list in his cell phone has grown substantially!  This may be the most important of the three F’s if YHC had to rank them!

3rd F:  YHC knows that he can post to an AO and someone else will be there to help YHC grow in his faith in others and in God.  Praying or speaking at the end of the workout is YHC’s favorite time of the workout!  YHC also knows that he has faith in the PAX to be there for each other in times of need.  FAITH, in general, is a strong thing and can mean everything to those that you come in contact with and share your lives with (friends, family, co-workers)

After 180 posts and 40 Q’s in his first year, YHC would like to just say, “THANK YOU!!!!

Life is good, but there is always room to make it better, especially for someone else!


keep posting!


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  1. Great job partnering on the PLT’s, Swirly! 188 merkins yo get everyone warmed up for the November Merkin Challenge! Thanks for driving long distance, Lab Rat!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job Kubota -well said and Happy Anniversary brother !
    Way to work this morning guys – excellent way to start the week !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Great Q Kubota! I don’t think I was there a year ago but I am willing to bet today’s Q was better.

    I can’t believe there wasn’t a mention of Keymaster trying to pick up the mom on Lindsay on her way to yoga class. I think the smooth operator skipped the 20/20 round on Lindsay.

  4. Congrats brother! Way to mark off the one year anniversary. That’s no small feat. I’m glad to have gotten to know you inside and outside of F3. Powerful stuff. Today was a smoker. Saab would be proud. Observations: Hoedown guys like to workout adidas pants. Splinter found chicken wings, but no blue cheese. Elliot’s clothes are in storage, and it was damn cold this morning. Maybe nextime Keymaster will lend you his silly hat.

  5. I think it was merkin 192 where my right wing started flaring out. I was scared I was going to take Vinny out.

    Someone dropped blue cheese on Lindsay and I ran right through the vapor trail.

  6. Congrats, Kubota! I’m at Batteau this morning assuming that Swirly and Vinny had taken the day off (what the Heck was I thinking…no disrespect guys) only to find out they are posting elsewhere to support a great dude! I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware. However, it seems I was meant to show up at Batteau, so Faceplant wouldn’t have been standing there wondering if he should stay. Have a great day!

  7. Congrats on one year brother, sorry I couldn’t be there!! I remember your first day like it was yesterday, especially the run there and back…Well said, and you should be proud of this accomplishment!!

  8. Solid redeaux Q and congrats on a year.

    How does the run on Day 1 compare to the Dogpile when you dislocated or broke both shoulders? More painful or less painful?