Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who doubles back to the Six in the middle of the biggest hill?…


The answer, of course…ROSIE.

5 brave SOJers arose from the warmth of the sack this morning and braved the sub-40 degree temps (I mean, 70 and sunny, of course).  YHC called out the River Downs Roller Coaster with a bro-code twist – the rabbit (ROSIE) would double back for the six every 3-4 minutes and each PAX member would double-back with Rosie when passed, pick up the six and continue on.  Well damn near the top of the Queens Grant hill (a big one), what does YHC see but a headlamp coming back at him…OH SHIT, I thought.  You mean I have to turn around and go back and then do the steepest part again…and, right on cue, Bullseye (Kotters) says “who turns around on a hill?”  Well, Rosie does and since he is the rabbit = we do.  As Bullseye or Roper (can’t recall?) said, I guess that is our punishment for being slow!  Amen, brother.

Great run this morning guys.  Look for another bro-code (i.e., Rosie Fartlek) style run again soon.

Have a great day.

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