Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

CSAUP Preview/Wednesday Hill Run


One Upper Middle-Ager, One Lower Middle-Ager and One Very Young attacked most of the CSAUP loop at Forest Hill Park for the Wednesday Hill Run/Roller Coaster.

TYA was playing tour guide, YHC was rucking with 30 lbs sack and Husky ran/walked the 3 mile loop!

This was YHC and Husky’s first time at the Forest Hill Park trail and it was amazing!  YHC thought it couldn’t get any better than North Bank/Buttermilk, but FHP is so much better.

YHC thinks that TYA was getting his game plan ready for CSAUP, studying the trail, looking for advantages and setting booby traps for other contestants.

Good luck to all at CSAUP!


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