Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Winter Morning Hot Tater!


2 Runners, 2 Ruckers, and a SOJ regular obviously didn’t check their thermostat before departing the house this morning, but posted anyway!


SSH x 20

DQ x 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

Copperhead Squats x 10

Merkins x 15

LBCs x 20

Mosey to Light pole Alley – 11s (Distance about 100 yards)

Jump Squats and Box Cutters

Mosey to front lot – Pass Q to Gumbo

Gumbo calls – 7 mins of Old Glory

Corner 1 -20 Merkins

Corner 2 -20 Jump Squats

Corner 3 -10 Burpees

Corner 4 – 20 WWIIs

As many times around as you can in 7 mins.

Pass Q to Wilson-

Wilson calls circle up for Mary

Homer to Marge variance

Holding V ups


Holding 6 inches

American Hammers

Passes Q to Oyster

Oyster call for a Merkin ring of Fire

Passes Q to Rosie – Everyone grumbles

Rosies mosey to flag and circles up

Crunchy Frogs x10

Freddie Mercury x 20

APDs x 20

LBCs x 20

Peter Parker x 10

Parker Peter x 10


Numberama, namerama, Rosie took us out!



Hammers and Ales Nov. 10th – see Viral

Bring Coat donations on Saturdays – see Marmaduke


So much happened in this short 45 mins the 5 of us were at the AO that i’ve decided to bullet point it to summarize:

  • Respect to Rosie and Gumbo for knocking out their miles before posting
  • WIlson and Marmaduke may have witnessed a body dumping occur before workout, keep eyes on news channels today
  • Rosie has admitted he knows what exercises to expect from a M’Duke COP – NOTED
  • The gates being open at TImberwolf create a real danger for cars coming through, not really, but we are jumped when car came around the corner
  • Old Glory still is painful on a smaller lot and for only 7 mins
  • Rosie smoked the PAX on all segments – Gumbo wins the line of the day -from National Lampoons – “Im like the dog in the movie – Poor little guy probably tried to keep up for the first mile or so” . Well played Gumbo!
  • Women walking up on 5 random guys doing box cutters at a middle school at 545am – Probably not going to get the “Good Morning” comment reciprocated
  • Wilson’s farts still smell no matter how cold it is outside
  • Wilson as we held 6 inches made the PAX call out their favorite donut – Best answer goes to Oyster – Simply Stated – DONUTS – game over!!
  • Oyster learned not to pass Q to Rosie – not what the PAX wanted to hear with 7 mins left in the workout
  • YHC learned that doing a crunchy frog on an incline is not possible at his weight and body shape, decline is much easier
  • All PAX made themselves better by not only  posting this morning, but also leading at some point.

Have a great day men!  It was an awesome morning in the cold!






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  1. Nicely done today Duke! Between the 11’s & mini Old Glory, I am spent. Add all the other stuff, well it’s time for a nap! No? Ok, time to sell some green beans! Be safe today fellas and see ya at Dog Pile! And Oyster………really to Rosie? Come on man! haha

  2. Great job guys this morning, the cool weather felt great. I think the body dumpers got scared off by the headlamps on the track and the ruckers coming from the other direction.
    At least I didn’t run anymore Wilson, maybe Oyster will hang onto the Q for a little longer next time.

  3. Rosie – you know I love ya……………I did get a bit nervous as you were heading toward the track. Thinking you were gonna pull a FLashdance “two minutes left – run 3 miles”! While the run was short, we did know crunchy frogs were coming! LOL

  4. Great job guys. This “poor little guy” just couldn’t hang on to Rosie’s bumper any longer after the first few rounds of 11s…pretty sure my leash was just blowing in the wind behind Rosie.

    And, for the record, Wilson’s 4th F was in full effect this morning. Literally gagged me in the Mary circle – powerful stuff.