Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

More is Better, right?


Two southside regulars posted at Source of Truth for a hot potato Q.


Singer – mosey near track, SSH, Don Q, arm circles, merkins, slow bending squats. Mosey to track – four corners  with 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 jump squats and 20 2-count freddies. Repeat and double numbers.

Hand over to Tobit – escalating mile. run a lap – 15 merkins, run a lap 15 merkins and 15 American Hammers, lap – repeat and add flutters, lap – repeat and add LBCs

Back to Singer – lindsays – jump up on the rear of the bleachers and dips. Mosey to rear parking lot hill up to buses. 11s – bear crawl up hill to next light pole, run down to start, one box cutter. Repeat and escalate until finished.


YHC was slightly sad to see the small turnout and conversations with Tobit  concerning recent low numbers at SOT. YHC acknowledges guilt be cast inward before outward, we’re all responsible for bolstering attendance. The summer numbers were promising though after the change in location.

Anyway, to the workout, hot potato was in store as YHC looked at the Q sheet just before Tobit arrived. Tobit decided we hadn’t had enough running after the first few laps by YHC, and added another mile. YHC noted on the final lap to Tobit that doing track work always sounds better when it’s your idea, and not the other guy. All in all it was a good chance for a little F2 with Tobit and learn of his family. Great job my friend, see you in the gloom soon.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Forgot the announcements – CSAUP this Saturday. Hammer and Ales Nov 10th, see Viral. Maybe even an October 2.0 workout too.

  2. Enjoyed hot potato-ing the Q and the 2nd F, Singer! If you throw me the Q, you can always count on more running.

    Great job today!

  3. Good work guys, the fartsack was strong this morning. We’ll get to work trying to drum up some more PAX for SOT.

  4. Throw some guilt my way too. The siren song of the fartsack has been strong all week, and really since I went down with Ebola earlier in the fall.
    Strong work, respect to the duo for getting after it.