Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thank you sir, may I have another (round of wally world)?


Fantasy Football
YHC is overjoyed
Thank you Jimmy Graham!

6 Legends of the Fall showed up this morning and they didn’t know we were taking a field trip to Wally World.

Here is the gist of what happened…

Circuitous Mosey to the front of Atlee
Smurf Jacks
Arm Circles (25 small)
tempo merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Plank Jacks
tempo ww2 situps
reach throughs
crunchy frogs
combo flutter/scissor kicks

Triple check
Mountain Donkeys, Box Cutters, Run across the parking lot and back

Off to Wally World
5 donkey kicks, climb to BTTW, 5 second hold, 5 stump merkins
10 donkey kicks, climb to BTTW, 10 second hold, 10 stump merkins

bball courts for a reg suicide and a reverse suicide

Back to Wally World
15 donkey kicks, climb to BBTW, 15 second hold, 15 stump merkins

bball courts for another suicide

Back to Wally World
down the ladder doing
10 of previous
then 5 to finish off our field trip

to the bus loop for CMIYC
One partner bear crawls, the other does 5 burpees and then runs to catch up with the bear crawling partner
Rinse and repeat until half the bus loop is done.

Back to the Flag for a little Mary
Carpenter chose 10 heels to heaven
Bulkhead chose 10 merkins
Spit chose American Hammers and we did them Red Bull style

Numbers, Names, Announcements

Not much to say about this morning — the weather was perfect, the PAX was amazing.
Wally World will definitely make a comeback — the PAX seemed to enjoy it and the Suicides were a nice break in between sets.
See you in the gloom.



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  1. Strong Q, Opus! The return to the WALL brought grunts from the PAX each time. The suicides in between added all kinds of pain too while simultaneously honoring Circle K. It was a fun morning out there!

  2. No more wally world for you good sir! Wow that was a smoker and added suicides in between, C’MON MAN!!

    Great Q Opus