Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Name that Hill?


Dix Warriors shook off the warmth of the fart sack at Batteau this morning, for the always entertaining Q lead by YHC. YHC planted the flag with Vinny and EF Hutton parked and waiting…..0530 time to mosey.

Quick warm up lap down the street and through the original Forest Hill Park entrance and back to the flag for COP= x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 10 Imperial Walkers, x 10 SSH, x 10 Invisible Jump Ropes, x 10 Flutter Kicks, x 10 LBC’s. Let’s mosey, down Hill of Ill Repute, and to The Lake.

Lap around The Lake=at each light pole, x 5 Merkins, x 5 Mountain Climbers. Plank when finished.

Partner Up. Partner 1 runs to the top of Hill of Ill Repute and meets partner 2 while partner 2 is lunging up The Hill.

At the old spring, OYO= x 100 Step ups, x 100 dips. Mosey to the front of Forest Hill park.

Modified 11’s. Starting at top of the hill closet to Stone House, x 1 Merkin, run down the hill forwards. Bernie Sanders up the hill to the other side, x 10 LBC’s. Repeat. Down the hill running foward; Bernie Sanders uphill. x 2 Merkins, Run down, Bernie Sanders up, x 9 LBC’s. Sippy Cup and Faceplant go to x 9 Merkins when PAX was timed out. PAX met in the middle of the fishbowl and Bernie Sanders up hill and mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: CSAUP this Saturday, starting at 0700! Parking lot, Forest Hill in the back where Farmer’s Market takes place.

YHC took us out!

NMS– Twin Team is at River Run. Love Hill is at Dogpile. Hill of Ill Repute is at Batteau. Forest Hill is at the front of Batteau! YHC thinks he heard chatter from Shakedown about Elliott’s employment and employer. And than YHC heard, “Shakedown, they are not going to take your guns.” Conspiracy is already taken, thankfully for Shakedown’s sake.  Reminder, headlamps are often helpful, especially at Batteau!

Sippy Cup and Swirly-respect for running to the AO!

10 at Batteau=awesome. Way to start our morning men! Thank you for following!

Only those who post, understand!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Flatline.
    The lunges and the backwards run up the hill were tough man..
    Great job guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great Q Flatline, and I agree with Swirly re: the combo of lunges up a hill + backwards running up a hill. By the end of that I was shuffling backwards at best and even mixed in some forward running up a hill to try to put the fire out. Way to bring the pain.

    Twin Team is also at Twin Team, so at least that makes sense. When I was running x-country in middle school, we had a “Peanut hill.” The good ones always get named.

  3. Solid, non-CSAUP friendly, beatdown this AM. The hill of ill repute is a bruiser. Combo that will Forest Hill – ouch! Shakedown was particularly interested in Elliot’s clandestine roll with the government. Don’t worry bro, when he comes for you, you won’t see it coming.

  4. Great getting back to Batteau after a long hiatus, that is until visiting the hill of ill repute, then I remembered why I stayed away so long. Well that, and living so much closer to Hoedown.

  5. I think I figured out that Elliot is developing a particularly nasty strain of Lymes disease tonise against us outdoorsy types for the feds. Can’t take my guns away since I unfortunately lost them all in a boating accident.

    Just kidding. About Elliot’s job of course. The boat accident was real. ?