Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Little Breakdancers


9 strong PAX gathered at Hoedown for a perfect 60 degree morning workout.   A Conspiracy sighting was confirmed at 5:26a.  Mr. Holland arrived way early at 5:28a.  Warmup at the Tuckahoe ES flagpole with 25 SSH, 15 IW, 15 HC, 15 Merkins, 15 LBC & 20 plank to Merkin.  Mosey along Forest Ave towards the corner and happen upon a stack of bricks on Silverspring Dr. – line up for American Hammer time, passing the bricks down the PAX line and back.

Continued on to the corner office building on Ridge Road for a little 4 corner work.  Cumulative 10x Dive Bombers, 20x Monkey Humpers, 30x LBD’s (Little Breakdancers – totally unsanctioned yet unbelievably awesome exercise), 40x Flutter Kicks.

Mosey across the street & partner up for Rite Aid roundup – 3x around the building, partners alternating with people’s chair, donkey kicks & decline plank.  Victory lap with lunges, backward jog & karaoke.

Rewind the tape and mosey back the way we came for a 4 corners remix of 15x DB, MH, LBD and FK and American Hammer time deja vu on the way back to the flag.  Circle up for a ring of fire 10x merkins with exceptional style points awarded to Upchuck, Mr. Holland, Fireman Ed & BT.  Wrapped up with a Mary finale of heels to heaven, hip dips and side v-ups.

Announcements: Hammers & Ales 11/10, Marmduke Jackets, Puppy Pile 10/28, CSAUP 10/20




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  1. Can’t wait for the Upchuck LBD demonstration – parachute pants optional but highly recommended.

  2. Also, Holland was intrigued by the early arrival this morning… apparently before you start you just – talk?

  3. The consistent and accurate use of conjunctions when calling cadence is mysteriously refreshing. Strunk and White would be proud.