Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

TYA, Kubota, Wheelbarrow, Husky


Four converged on Hillcrest this evening for the following:

Husky – Some running on the medium loop but mostly walking and playing.  Hillcrest has some nice crunchy leaves in the road that are very enticing for a 6 year old to stomp on.

Kubota – Mostly running, turning back for Husky (no 2.0 left behind) and then some much needed hill repeats.

Wheelbarrow – Several different loops.  He’s glad to be back out at it this week!

TYA – On the bike again, killing it!  Went somewhere for 45-60 minutes.  YHC is hopeful he made it back home!  Lots of traffic and wrecks around the Cary Street corridor this evening.

Swirly – Bleeder must have called a late afternoon meeting in order to slow Swirly down and get him some rest!

Daylight is fading quickly on the Wednesday Hill Run.  Come out while you can before headlamps are needed!

See you in the gloom!





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