Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Too many doors


3 SOJ regulars parked in the streetlights of the Turnpike to get some early morning work done, hot potato style.

Mosey down to the track and around a few times to get a mile plus.  Stop near the bleachers for Peter Parkers, Alternating Shoulder Taps and Flutter Kicks.

Pass to Tobit, who does a quick pass to DK since he wants to stay at the bleachers.  Ciabatta with Step-ups, repeato w/ Dips.

Now it’s Tobit’s turn.  Mosey to the front of the school to Door #1.  Doors 1-10 – Burpees corresponding to door #.  Doors 11-15 – American Hammers, Doors 16-20 – LBCs.  Bonus, there is a 20A and 20B so double up on 20.  With at least 13 more doors to go and not much time Tobit passes it back to YHC.

Random assortment of exercises and counts – Imperial Walkers, Parker Peters, HRM, FM + others


The initial mile was a good way to catch DK up on the Conspiracy takeover at NoToll.  The rest of the workout was no different with near constant discussions ranging from high school bands to DK’s impending M-in-law visit.  A brief lull in the mumblechatter between Door #4 and Door #10 while we slogged through the burpees.  Great workout, better fellowship.  Enjoyed it this morning men.  Have a great day.

Bring Coats to Dogpile – Marmaduke

CSAUP 10/20 – see pre-blast, lots of options – TYA

Toolbank fundrasier 11/10? – see Viral

New one – Oyster and Pig Roast at the Boat Club on Old Gun for Tad Dupriest Foundation 11/3 – Le Tigre is your man for this one


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  1. Well done fellas. Those doors just never end…Burpees – ambitious and brutal!

    I missed the fellowship this morning on my lonely mile.

  2. Enjoyed it fellas!

    I may have gotten a little carried away with calling burpees on doors 1-10…but y’all didn’t miss a beat.