Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em


8 Davillians found their way through the gloom and fog to Atlee HS to experience the F3 Workout Deck for the first time. The shovel was planted, the cards were shuffled and the PAX got to work.

This how it went down:

Mosey behind the HS to the basketball court

COP (ALL IC) – DQ, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Merkins, LBC’s, Arm Circles


Mosey to the parking lot

The Workout Deck


  1. Per the official F3 Workout Deck rules card, the first rule is, THERE ARE NO RULES. Do your own thang!
  2. The way it was play today:
    • Pull a card, perform the exercise and reps = Card # +10; Face Cards 25, Ace 100
    • If a running card is selected complete that exercise between each card
    • If a plank is chosen the Q will decide when to complete that
    • Discard any cards that none of the PAX knew the exercise

1st Draw 

  • 9 of hearts (19 High Knees)
  • Queen of clubs (25 2ct Freddie Mercurys)
  • 3 of spades (13 WOJO Squats or just Squats)
  • 4 of  diamonds (14 Carolina Dry Docks)

Lunging card was pulled so PAX lunged between exercises

Mosey to the HS tennis courts 

2nd Draw (4 corners style)

  • 7 of clubs (17 LBC’s)
  • 10 of hearts (10 Butt Kickers)
  • 8 of hearts (18 Squats)
  • Ace of spades! (100 Calf Raises)

A plank card was also pulled so 90 sec plank (30 sec high, 30 sec elbow, 30 sec high)

Mosey to the MS Basketball Court

3rd Draw

  • Jack of clubs (25 2ct Shoulder taps)
  • Jack of spades (25 Smurf Jacks)
  • Ace of clubs! (100 2ct Flutter Kicks)
  • King of diamonds (25 Merkins)

Run forward then backwards across the court in between

Mosey to the MS tennis courts

4th Draw

  • Ace of hearts! (100 SSH’s)
  • Queen of hearts (25 Burpees)
  • King of clubs (25 2ct American Hammers)
  • Ace of diamonds! (100 Arm Circles)

Mosey back to the SF for Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out


So it was Sunday night and YHC noticed that the Q sheet was open for DaVille this week. YHC advise Carpenter of this as part of EHing get back into the mix. He decided to passed so YHC took the lead.

YHC had planned to use this newly acquired deck this coming Friday but decided to give it a ‘test run”. A couple of things were learned today.

  1. Come prepared (which YHC was) with a headlamp to be able to see the cards
  2. Review all the cards before had so if an exercise comes up that the PAX doesn’t know, teach them
  3. Plank should only be completed in the time noted on the card (don’t at 10). That seemed to confuse the PAX
  4. Don’t let Opus choice since he has the hot hand pulled all face cards including Smurf Jacks of course
  5. Be sure always to “stack the deck” and put your favorites at the bottom. Then pull those at the end to keep the PAX on their toes (Your welcome Carpenter for the SSH’s)

Glad to see a good size PAX today. Everyone stayed together mostly (except Helix who crushed some burpees) and push hard. Glad to see Carpenter and Bulkhead back out

  • October CSAUP on Saturday the 20th – See TYA’s Preblast



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