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Always 70 and Sunny

Something Old, Something New…Might Need A Redo


17 men rose up and met the challenge of the audible and didn’t really know what to make of it, or were just flat out pissed.

A bit of history:  YHC’s last post was (sadly) August 30, 2017 and last Q was (even sadder) January 24, 2015.  So when YHC saw his name on the Q list for today’s No Toll, it seemed like a good opportunity to break free from the fartsack and get back into working out.

Back on September 4, 2018 at 2:09 pm, BT signed up to Q today’s No Toll under the name “Conspiracy” in an effort to disguise an “Old Glory” workout.  This is not unprecedented, as Loose Goose similarly disguised his “Lucky Horseshoe” workout on October 29, 2015.  It just happened to be a coincidence that YHC was planning on posting today to Heartbreak Ridge, but called an audible when seeing the Q sheet (#YearOfBalance).  Hence, the illusive Conspiracy Q.  And with a non-traditional F3 workout in store for today, it rightly left some stank in the air.

The workout was inspired by the F.B.I.’s release of a fitness app to help applicants practice the fitness test.  It’s a true you-vs-you workout against the clock, in camaraderie with fellow F3 brethren to help push to maximum potential, and with an option to see how your scores match up with fitness standards across the world. And while we do have workouts that serve as benchmarks (ie Old Glory and Lucky Horseshoe), the hope was this workout would allow us to benchmark our performance against ourselves and others (if desired), something that we can’t easily do with Old Glory and Lucky Horseshoe.

The PAX grabbed hold, somewhat reluctantly, but pushed through the challenging workout.

Here was the good work for the morning:

  • 1 minute of sit-ups
  • 300m run (which was closer to 500m)
  • Continuous push-ups
  • 1.5 mile run

Form for the sit-ups and push-ups were essential if you want to compare performance on the scoring scale.  Otherwise, you’re comparing apples to oranges.  Well, and good form is just….a good thing.

YHC was in the back of the pack.  Why?  Because there’s something about crossing over 40, raising an 1.5 yr old, and a demanding, high-intensity job that caused F3 (and any other workout) seem to be too far a stretch for the last 2 years. Therefore, YHC is working towards #YearOfBalance, where the focus shifts back to taking care of myself so I can best take care of my family.  A key component of that is working out.

And while the mutiny was held off after the 2nd event, it was not unwarranted.  Being called out for not running the 300m with the group was a violation of F3 principles (#Clipboarding), even if it was to help the group.  YHC did stay late to finish the 300m with a paltry time of 71 seconds.  I’m sure with the push of the group, that would have been a little faster.

So let’s sum up today:

  • Good intentions ✅
  • Hard Workout (as hard as you made it) ✅
  • Change is hard ✅
  • Mistakes were made  ✅
  • Sinner ✅

I leave you with these questions:  What’s good enough?  Are you happy with your efforts in life?  Are you where you want to be?  And what is your measure of success in fitness and in life?

See you tomorrow at WDog.  And for anyone who still tastes the lingering stench, come join me for a cup o’ joe afterwards and we can talk it through…my treat.




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  1. Post your scores if you want to memorialize them for next time (or not). I’ll post mine shortly. See you tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the great workout. Let’s bring that out at an AO where we can add the pull-ups and keep that on the rotation (maybe quarterly?). It is a great general fitness test that can show results (or lack thereof) in a hurry. Kudos on that.

    Whatever the reason, glad you felt motivated to post this morning. Tclaps for holding off the mutiny – that was a close one.

    Hope to see you back out – we’ve been missing our form police without you or Toga – and back on the Q sheet again of your own volition…just leave the “clipboard” behind and join in all the fun.

  3. Big Tennessee on

    Good workout and even better backblast. If all it took was a disguised Q sign up to get you back out I would have done it last September! Tclaps for grabbing the Q and handling the abuse. No ill intent, just needed a way to sneak in under Gumbo’s radar. I’ll need another pseudonym next time. And I’ll take Nov 13 if you don’t want it Gumbo!

  4. Kotters Conspiracy. Looking forward to trying this out again, if nothing else to get the right 300m time. If you see your name on the Q sheet again it’s because you’ve been away too long and we’re trying to get you back out. Works for Lockjaw and Conspiracy, any others we need to get back. Way to nail the backblast too.

  5. November 13 is all yours BT. I changed the Q sheet for you. Looking forward to it. Let’s get a big crowd at NoToll for OG that day.