Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hunter spirit is simmering


16 warriors heard the call today to further their personal development goals and improve their innate night vision on a temperate humid and foggy morning.



This is how it went, more or less.  The Cardinal route has something for everyone.

All, head up snake road: Around the Robins Center and up Boatwright.  Take Honaker to Patterson and take a right followed by an immediate left on Roxbury.  Roxbury to West Franklin and head west.

At the intersection of Charles, 5s/6s take a right and take an out and back detour to Crestview Elementary (home of the Cardinals).  All routes then continue west on W. Franklin to Donald. Take a left and Donald turns into Register Pkwy.

At Patterson and Three Chopt, 6s continue west on Patterson to Westham Pkwy and a left on University Dr to come through the trails to the lake.

4s and 5s head south on Three Chopt and take a right on the access road just beyond Bandy Field.  Drop down the hill on the trail and pick up the road.  Take the cut through back to the main UR entrance and come down around the Robins Center to the lake.

Splinter took us out.



Q intent is to stay together and leave no one behind and the team excelled.  The 4s ACTUALLY ran Westham to Three Chopt.  The 5’s went up College to St Christopher’s and back.  We will just have to run Cardinal again soon – it is a really nice route once you get past snake road.

Minimal mumble chatter as we got right to it.  Will let PAX highlight their running conversations.

There was a little combat arms elbow rubbing at the start when someone said something about range day and someone else said “now that the leaves are falling its time to blow {things} up”, followed by a typically too lengthy description of a National Guard training schedule, followed by another saying oh I am a 18C ( SF Engineer Expert – That means Green Beret, Fudd ), and then sounds of respect all around.

October does have a certain feel that gets the hunter spirit simmering.  YHC feels for his brothers still wearing the funny colored clothing.  While its tough as an individual when you have 2 personal assigned weapons and 3 in your vehicle to qualify on everything when then are only 12 training opportunities a year.  Its even tougher as a battalion of 350 – 800 swinging Richards to run through it all TWICE a year in 12 training opportunities.  Thats a lot of ammo. And a lot of time inspecting range safety books when we would all rather be waist deep in mud.  And that is why we need to to get as much done as possible with weapons in October / November to make room for the good stuff.  Hoo-AHH.



CSAUP 20 October.  See Pre Blast.

Nov 3.   F3 Hampton Roads convergence.  See Pre Blast.


Gomer Pyle,  out

Git some!


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  1. I understood the NMS about as much as I understood the route…which is not much. Swirly and I made it around and back though, thanks for guiding, Swirls!

    We didnt have a cool battle cry for submarines, since we keep it quiet (anybody surprised I was in the “silent service”?), so I’ll just have to give you an AOOOGGGAA! Dive, Dive!

  2. The Cardinal is a good route. Painful at the start then a slog the rest of the way. Good pull from the Lockjaw library.

    Kudos to Shotgun for finding his way back. No one even noticed he wasn’t around and I saw him working his way back to the VSF at 630 when I departed. No Man Left Behind!

  3. Shotgun sneaks in and out of the gloom. Hunting skills mastered.

    I apologized profusely when I saw him finishing up.

  4. “Lockjaw’s Running Routes”, the coffee table edition, will be available for the holiday season. Featuring classics and the one-and-dones.