Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No watch on CC’s Day


12 mighty athletic specimens showed up on Columbus Day to honor the great explorer of the Bahamas.  For 10/8 the weather seemed a tad humid but that just means more sweat coming out.  The workout went like this:

Warm up – 16 Don Quixotes – in honor of Denver’s points scored against the surprising Jets JETS JETS JETS!; 15 Helicopters, 20 Freddie Mercurys, 25 side straddle hops and 10 Merkins

Headed over to Lindsay Court to which Upchuck scared me with a comment that the neighbors did not want us to use that street anymore (I scare easy).  Anyway, in honor of CC, we embarked on 1492s (year CC discovered the Bahamas).  First set was 14 burpees, run down to the bottom on Lindsay do 46 2 count flutter kicks, run up halfway do 46 more 2 count flutters.  Repeato with 14 merkins, 46 jump squats and 46 more jump squats

Head to Third Church say hi to the fellow that is outside his truck at 5:45 a.m. and proceed with partner wheelbarrows followed by 5 Derkins, watch truck fellow leave, bear crawl with 5 merkins, bear crawl back 5 more merkins.  Fella with truck is back perhaps admiring the 12 studs.  Mosey over to horseshoe.  This is the first time I asked Slurpy for a time check.

At horseshoe, get into groups of 3.  Partner 1 is doing a wall sit, Partner 2 is doing merkins, Partner 3 is running around the horseshoe.  Do this 3 times.  This is the second time I asked Slurpy for a time check.

Next is 100 PLTs followed by another time check from Slurpy.

We ended with a merkin ring of fire and my last time check from Slurpy.  I took the group out in prayer.


Fudd is handling his last Richmond Q at Dogpile this Saturday.  Fudd will be going west and adopting the Broncos as his new team.  You will be missed.

Viral mentioned a tools event 11/10; go to Viral with details as I was not paying attention sorry Viral.

Musings:  I enjoyed my third Q (Upchuck thought it was my first and that is why he came out).  We had a good group this morning and next time I will have a flag and watch.



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  1. Good Q Fireman Ed. Initially thought you said we were going to do 14 rounds up and down Lindsay. Thankful that was not the case.

  2. Nice Q Fireman Ed. Solid beatdown indeed. I think you may have missed a few time checks though, there were 2-3 even before COP. You’d think that giant headlamp of yours would have a clock on it.

  3. Nice Q. First time, third time…whichever. Well done; glad I made it.

    T-claps to BT (2x) and Viral (2x) on partnering. Thanks for pushing me!

  4. My headlamp is a little old school. I wonder if Grandpa John used it in the cold mines of Hazelton PA. Either way thanks for the time checks and willingness to follow the Fireman.

  5. Nice Q Fireman Ed. Well done for being only your 3rd time. Tclaps for grinning through SSH’s during COP.