Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wait for the lights


Johnsonville and Attila were already positioned in the usual starting spot in the Mills Godwin parking lot when YHC arrived and just before 5:30, Krü arrived, making for a PAX four strong.  After a brief discussion about who would take the Q, we began the following, just as the automatic lights flickered on under the bus awning:  COP startup with SSH x 20, shift to the grass for 5 Up/Downs, back to the asphalt for 15 x IWs, DQs, Hillbillies, Helicopters, and Cherry Pickers.  Finished with single and double arm circles, forward and reverse.

Staying in place, complete 10 x Kettle Bell Swings, 10 x Head Halos, 10 x Body Halos, and 10 x Figure Eights.  Farmer’s Carry around Krü’s Super Subaru and back to the beginning.  Repeato x 2, but varying the direction of the Halos, picking a light pole and then a school wall for the weighted carry with a Waiter’s Carry and Overhead Carry on the second and third rounds.

Walk with weights to the far side of the bus circle for six rounds of 10 x Goblet Squats, 10 x Two-Handed Overhead Presses, 10 x Decline Merkins, and 20 x LBCs (added in round 2).

Stroll around the circle to the school wall for four rounds of 5 x Donkey Kicks, 5 second Straight-Armed Bell Hold, and 5 x Two-Handed Curls.

Shift 50 feet to the sidewalk for three rounds of 10 x Sit and Press, 10 x Pole Smokers, and 10 x Reverse Curls with bells held arms extended.  Finish with 15 x Lawnmower Pulls per arm and 20 x Pullovers.  COT and YHC took us out.

Good to see you guys and happy to attend.  Thanks for letting me Q.

Announcements  (first three copied from Rosie’s post, thanks, and the last one will be given more “meat” in a later backblast or reply to this one–

  • Coat donations – See Marmaduke
  • Healing Place Running – See Swiper
  • CSAUP 10/20 – See TYA
  • Adventure Race / BJJ Event – Krü hit me with the details

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