Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Animal Planet Workout


Slow day at Timberwolf as YHC stood in the flag waiting for Gumbo to return from his EC mile.  Beaker was riding solo this morning with the New Market crew being otherwise occupied on this lovely October morning.

On the initial mosey to the parking lot YHC mentioned that YHC’s M has been doing a workout that did a lot of things that we already do.  After having her list the order of things to try it out on the PAX, YHC forgot to review it this morning and was struggling to remember of the list of 10 exercises.  Since YHC had nothing else planned we were going to try it out anyway traveling around the bus loop.

Warmup with DQ, Helicopter, SSH, Hillbillies, LBC in the parking lot then mosey to the bus loop for the main event.

Inchworm – walk hands out, feet in x 4

Inchworm x 4, Spider merkins (staggered hands w/ Peter Parker) x 4

Inchworm x 4, Spider merkins x 4, Diamond (Grasshopper) Squat Jumps (Feet apart, together, apart, together = 1) x 4

3 above + Duck walk (4 steps =1) x 4

4 above + Flamingo kicks (1 leg deadlift, 1 leg behind) x 4 each side

5 above + Gorilla walk x 4 each side

6 above + Bear Crawl (4 steps = 1) x 4

7 above + Crabcake w/ dip x 4

8 above + Donkey Kick w/ Frog jump x 4

Do an additional 4 rounds of all 9 exercises while traveling around the loop keeping the PAX together.

Mosey around the back of the school and in keeping with the 4x theme, 4 burpees to close out the final seconds.

Announcements –

  • Coat donations – See Marmaduke
  • Healing Place Running – See Swiper
  • CSAUP 10/20 – See TYA

Great to work today with Beaker and Gumbo.  Thanks for indulging me with this experiment.  It was probably better to try with a PAX of 3 and no one that struggles with instructions.  Bonuses for this beatdown were keeping the PAX together, no running (Wilson) but constantly moving, and the options for alternate exercises or lower reps.  My M recommends no warmups and going through the entire thing 8 times, not 4, and the missing 10th exercise was Breakdancers, there’s always next time.   This is not a workout to forget gloves.  Expect to see the Spider Merkins again soon if Gumbo has anything to do with it.

Enjoy your 90 degree October day gentlemen.



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  1. Great work Rosie and Beaker. I’m feeling this workout for sure…all over. 8 times through, that sounds terrible.

    Breakdancers…I think Offshore’s ears just perked up!

    Have a great day guys. Thanks for leading Rosie.

  2. Great Q Rosie!!! Way to keep me and Gumbo totally engaged. The heels of my hands are still a bit tender. Maybe no running but that was a heck of a ground pounder. Seemed as though we stayed on all fours for 45 minutes. Great way to start the day for sure.