Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Swirly But Plenty of Poison Sumac


Five Monday morning warriors – one covered in poison sumac – posted for the customary Batteau hot potato beatdown that went a little something like this.

COP: Imperial Walkers IC x 15 / Helicopters IC x 15 / Russian Soldiers IC x 15 / Merkins IC x 10

Mosey to bottom of maintenance hill. All trees on the left perform 7 merkins. Lunges in between. Repeato back down the hill with 7 merkins and Russian Soldiers.

Mosey to bottom of Love Hill. Partner up. Partner 1 runs to top of hill and back. Partner 2 crawl bears. Switch and repeat. Next round Lunges. Third round triple jumps. Complete to the top of Love Hill.

Mosey back to bottom of maintenance hill. PAX grabs rocks. 20 overhead rock slams. Carry rocks to tennis court. Partner up. First round. Partner 1 runs suicides while Partner 2 planks with rock on his back. Second round Partner 2 elbow planks with rock. Third round Partner 2 planks with right hand on rock. Fourth round Partner 2 planks with left hand on rock. Ditch rocks. Plank up – wide. 10 merkins with left leg off the ground. 10 merkins with right leg off the ground.

4 corners x 2: 5 merkins. 20 LBCs. 30 squats. 10 Merkins.

Back to the Flag – ABBA took us out.

CSAUP – 10/20. See TYA.

MOLESKIN: Last Wed Flatline took us over to the water reservoir at WDog. A simple yet lethal triple check. After sliding down that hill three times YHC worked up a bad case of poison sumac, or whatever. Admittedly, YHC gets said poison whatever, whenever the word is uttered. Y’all don’t want to see where it is, just know it’s there, and it’s bad. Typing this BB from the docs waiting room, looking oh so forward to that steroid injection. Good times.

Aside from that, we all wondered where Swirly was. Glad to know he was up and at em at Hoedown. Congrats on one year out there to Tuckahoe’s finest.

Make it a great week men!


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  1. Thankful I’m not especially susceptible to plant poison, but I have some itchy as hell red spots on my lower legs and on arms. Wondering if I have a touch of that stuff.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Dude Vinny – hope you are feeling better man – jeez..
    Great job guys – I missed being there but it was great to visit Hoedown !

  3. Thanks for all the love gents. I’m day 2 into a 12 day run on antibiotics and steroids. See y’all tomorrow at WDog for a Vinny Q (no where near the scene of the crime).