Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

47 1/2 Hour Grace Period


Were there times over the last 47 1/2 hours that I could’ve written this PuppyPile Backblast? Absolutely? But that time would’ve taken away from weekend family time…time sitting on the couch watching football, time where the family is watching me do yardwork, time where I’m sitting on the couch watching the US get hammered in the Ryder Cup. And ultimately, wouldn’t that crush the spirit of PuppyPile? Spending quality time with our kids, not on the computer typing away like we do all day.

Which leads me to this handy new revelation–the new IOS on my phone has a “screen time” measuring app–so it tells you how long you’ve been on the screen. It’s scary! Did I really spend 4 hours on my screen? That seems a bit excessive. Maybe it counts my son’s IPad time as well? I hope so.

All that being said, a hearty crew of 34 dads and their beloved 2.0s gathered at PuppyPile 47 1/2 hours ago to grind out a 55 minute bootcamp.


Twelve Side Straddle Hops
11 Helicopters
10 Donald Quixotes
15 Arm Circles Forward
15 Arm Circles Backwards
15 Hillbillies
5 Mercans

Mosey to the large field in front of the Carrillon (which was half mowed, for those wondering)
Partner Carry (2.0s on the backs of 1.0s) to the end of the field (traversing the 2 feet of grass). Run back. Head North again on the field. Partner Carry Back. If more than 1 X 2.0, the other 2.0 does side straddle hops while the partner carry is going on.

5 X Boo-yah Mercans

Relay race–Down and Back X 2 while partner(s) are doing a mini Bernie Sanders up and down the small hill in front of the Carrillon.

5 x Boo-yah Mercans

Hot Potato to LockJaw

Partner Up someone of similar size. Wheel Barrow from west and back east on the halfway mowed field. At the far west side, 5 X Boo-yah Mercans.

Wheel barrow back east and do 20 PLTs (I think, I mean, it has been 47 1/2 hours).

Mosey to wooden stage behind the Carrillon.
At this point, Splinter does this really peculiar interpretive dance, on the stage, to a Lady Gaga song that none of us knew. It was definitely something different, and its up for debate on how it fit into the Q, but it did allow us some time of reflection and it may have brought me closer to my Veep, my 2.0. Either way, thanks Splinter for that 4 1/2 minute rest.

Touch a Tree–
Touch 5 trees while doing donkey kicks
Touch 6 trees while doing scissor kicks
Touch 7 trees while doing WW2 sit ups

Hot potato to Splinter
Did a triple check variation with only two people. So a double check
Run to the Carrillon fence while partner is on the stage doing WW2 sit ups
Run to the Carrillon fence while partner does XXXXX
Run to the Carrillon fence while partner does “Man Ups” (A Man Up is where you hoist yourself onto the stage and then jump back down. It’s like a box jump but you use your arms).

Mosey to the half mowed field.

Separate teams to 2.0s vs 1.0s. And what would a PuppyPile be without a vigorous game of sharks and minnows. This variation was that the sharks were bear crawling and the minnows were crabwalking. This made it extremely challenging for the minnows as a bear is much quicker and more agile than a shark. Splinter called an audible, extended the field and we all went back to the old school bear is the minnow and the shark is crabwalking.

Back to the flag.

Burpee Lake was pretty dry…so didn’t have a chance to use that one this time.

Sorry for the late, Q, everyone…thanks again for coming out. It’s terrific to get the kids out there in the gloom.


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  1. Papa, papa, paparazzi.

    Nice work Marv. Thanks for taking the lead on the Q. Looking forward to the next puppy pile.