Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Training Day for October Challenges


4 trail runners were graced with a cameo from F3RVA royalty to make 5 strong on the first day fall actually had a fall like feel.  Spoiler alert:  Sippy Cup was there!!!

Route:  North Bank to T. Potter bridge and home on Buttermilk with a little Lariat loop just for fun.

NMS:  Great day.  I was actually surprised by the lack of pax this morning, given how comfortable it was.  Good to meet Foley, and catch up with Pert+ after his big weekend of races.  Surprise showing by Sippy Cup, who ran a couple miles with us before he had to break off.  Pert+ and Foley set the pace, dragging Shakedown and Lab Rat along for probably the quickest pace trail runs I have been on.  Including water stops and more than a couple flying EH attempts by Shakes, we stayed below 11 minute miles overall.

Among many things discussed, Shakedown and I decided we are in for a mile a day challenge starting tomorrow, along with the super secret probation challenge on the F3 RVA Garmin site for the most steps in a month.  Good luck to all!


Apology of the week goes to Sippy Cup for being called F3 Royalty.  Lab Rat knows you are actually a hard working blue collar F3 pax member, but poetic licenses were taken.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Good run this morning. Finally made it to my destination this evening. Have a great week fellas. I’ll be working on my steps and miles while I’m here. See y’all at RAMM