Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Here comes the rain…oops, maybe not


4 men and 3 2.0’s wrestled their way out of the fartsack and into a wonderful morning, cool and crisp.  This is what the paper says we did.

COP SSH x 10, LBC x 15, arm circles 11/4, small/big, reverso, DQ x 10, SSH x 15, Freddie Mercury’s x 10, Helicopters x 15

Mosey to pavilion for Aiken Legs: 20 each-box jumps, split jacks, lunges and skull crushers, Al Gore for the 6.

On your six for ABC’s, capital letters only, English alphabet!

Mosey to corner of parking lot and partner up for Dora: 100 HR merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 squats, switch from running a loop to lunging at midway point.

Mosey to flag: 20 each: 2 count shoulder taps, American hammers, LBC’s hold 6 inches for 20 seconds, then everyone plank, while each member of the PAX leaps over those planking.

COT, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC sent out a message last night that the Creek might turn into one, with a 70% chance of rain at 5 in the morning.   Did this scare some PAX away?  The parking lot and grounds were soaked, but not a drop of rain fell during the workout.  There were some near collisions during COP with people going crazy with SSH.  Mudface and his clan also brought forth the 4th F with gusto–thanks fellas!  During ABC’s there were suggestions about doing the letters in Comic Sans or Wingdings, perhaps Cyrillic, or even Chinese.  YHC would be glad for any of those to take place, might need some visual aids to make it happen.  YHC had only planned to do a modified Dora, but the PAX crushed it so just made it a full, with the modification of lunging rather than running.  YHC is amazed at how slow some of his brothers lunge–must be paying attention to proper form?  The HRM were no joke, and after Aiken Legs and lunges, the 300 squats were tough to grind out, but as usual the PAX killed it.  There were more shenanigans while jumping over those planking, and most of the PAX wisely modified to elbow plank to reduce risk of injury.  Great effort today, gentlemen!  Thanks for letting me lead.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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