Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Two studly studs arrived at SOT this morning to see what the gloom of Midlothian Middle had in store for them.

Here’s what went down:

Run to the back of the school for a short COP:

DQs, Helicopters, SSH

Run down Midlothian Turnpike to the now empty building where Rita’s and some wine bar used to be. Perform curb crawls x 5.

Run back to MMS and to the bottom of the hill leading to the track.

Hill climbs:

Round 1: Run halfway up the hill, do 5 burpees, run back down, turn around and run all the way up, do 5 burpees, back down (YHC forgot an exercise at the bottom for this round)

Round 2: Halfway up, 20 American Hammers, back down, 20 LBCs, all the way up, 20 American Hammers, back down, 20 LBCs

Round 3: Halfway up, 15 merkins, back down, 15 Rosalitas, all the way up, 15 merkins, back down, 15 Rosalitas

One lap around the track and then mosey up the stairs and around to the front of the school for double check.

Round 1: Person 1 performs hand release merkins and plank while person 2 runs. Repeato.

Round 2: Person 1 performs WWIIs while person 2 runs. Repeato.

Run back to flag for 5-6 minutes of Mary. Freddy Mercury’s, Flutter Kicks, Hello Dolly, Alabama Prom Dates, American Hammers

Super quick numberama, name-o-rama, and Rosie took us out.


YHC arrived at SOT around 5:25 to find a lone set of headlights shining in the gloom….glad to see you Rosie! YHC has heard of solo posts but has yet to experience it. 5:30 arrives and with no Q on the Q sheet, Rosie and YHC decide to hot potato the thang.  Conversation started off with the obvious….where the heck is everyone?  Today reminded YHC of the old SOT where a duo posting wasn’t so unusual.  Although YHC will be soaking up some sun in Florida next week, he hopes Rosie does not experience a solo SOT posting.

The topic then switched to cross country,  which both YHCs and Rosie’s 2.0’s (Pikachu and Cliffhanger) are doing. First meet is today…looking forward to seeing what Pikachu can do.

With just Rosie and YHC, today was a good one for a more running intensive beatdown.  And YHC was happy to oblige.

That’s it from me…peace out!







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  1. Good job guys. Sorry I missed. Late VB game and later work keep my arse in the sack this morning. I’ll plan to be there next week.