Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Owning the Gloom


Certain “regulars” at HBR were sucked into the vortex of their fartsack after watching football last night.  However, for a group of 5 noble warriors, they not only answered the gloom, they owned it.  Here is how it went down:

  • Parking lot tracers
  • COP
    • 25 SSH
    • 15 cherry pickers
    • 10 2x merkins
    • 25 2x LBC
    • 15 crab cakes
    • 15 helicopters
  • Mosey over to the tennis courts, partner up and complete 4 rounds of partner wheel barrows over ½ the tennis court followed by 10 decline merkins
  • Mosey wall for core building
    • Wall sit – 1 minute
    • 25 heels to heaven
    • Elbow planks – 1 minute
    • 25 WWII sit-ups
  • Mosey to the basketball court for 5 suicides (FT line, mid-court, FT line and baseline for each)
  • Mosey back to the wall to repeat core building exercises
    • Wall sit – 1 minute
    • 25 heels to heaven
    • Elbow planks – 1 minute
    • 25 WWII sit-ups
  • Mosey to the playground by the track for 4x 8 pull-ups
  • Mosey to the small HB hill for 10 bernies
  • Mosey to the parking for COT with YHC taking us out

Solid work today by the PAX.  Mr. Holland and Offshore obliterated the pull-ups.  Garbage Plate channeled his inner-cheetah on the suicides, and Seymour had no issue with the wheelbarrows and decline merkins.  Very little mumblechatter from the PAX today, just stellar work.  Iron sharpening iron.

Puppy Pile this week after Dogpile.  Check the pre-blasts for more details.  Same for the upcoming CUSAP.

It was a privilege leading these men today.  God is good all of the time!



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  1. Nice Q this morning, though I’ll take issue with the lack of mumblechatter. I believe YHC missed counting several times due to that very thing. Highlights:

    -cherries grow on trees, unlike their distant cousin cotton

    -Heels to Heaven = my 3rd favorite way to Heaven, after Divine Salvation and Stairway. Possibly tied with 7 Minutes, because that one only ever existed in theory for me

  2. As we moseyed toward the tennis courts, I was so thankful to be running away from pullup bars after Honeydo’s beatdown at the convergence as I was still recovering. But then we went back for 4 rounds of pull-ups! As Toga used to say, the best cure for soreness is to exercise the muscles again…