Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural Beatdown

22 brave warriors (including 2 FNG’s) arose out of the fart sack to be a part of YHC’s inaugural beatdown at No Toll.  According to legend, it went something like this:
COP:  20 SSH, IC; 20 Imperial Walkers, IC; 15 LBC’s, IC; 10 Merkins, IC; 5 Burpees OYO
Thang 1:  Mosey to field by the hut.  Do 2 merkins, run to the other side of field, do 2 LBC’s, run back.  Repeato, increasing by 2 reps each time until you get to 10.  Plank hold until all in.  Do the exercise again, except this time with Plank Jacks and Monkey Humpers.
Thang 2:  Mosey to the other field and partner up for a Dora.  100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats. Plank hold until all in.
Thang 3:  Mosey to the basketball court for exercise suicides.  Run to 1/4 court line + 2 Burpees then back, 1/2 court line + 2 Burpees then back, 3/4 court line + 2 Burpees then back, and Baseline + 2 Burpees then back.  Al Gore until all in.  Repeato except this time with 2 two count Mountain Climbers at each line.  Al Gore until all in.  Repeato again except this time with 10 Merkins at each line.  Al Gore until all in.
Thang 4:  We wrapped it up with some Mary: Flutter kicks, Alabama Prom Date, Freddie Mercury’s, & 6 inches.
Mosey back to the flag.  Number-rama, Name-a-rama, Announcements.  Viral took us out with an extra prayer for Lab Rat and his family.
I appreciated all the support from the PAX for my maiden voyage.  It was great leading all you men today.  But the morning was not without my rookie mistakes, which the PAX made sure I knew about.  This included my voice cracking while calling out the exercise (apparently I’m still going through puberty), calling for a Proper Dora when it should have just been a regular Dora, mixing up Fudd’s Wife and Wilson’s Wife while planking (my apologies to you and your M’s), and calling out Alabama Prom Date but then doing Hello Dolly.  Lastly, my phone’s recorder cut off during Name-a-rama, so if I left anyone out please let me know.  All things for me to fix for my next queue this Thursday at 45 MOM.
A special thanks to BT, Lab Rat, Flipper, and Shakedown who traveled down especially for this beatdown.  BT commented on what a strange and foreign land this is here south of the river.  We also welcomed 2 FNG’s (Try Hard and Don Draper).  Afterwards, several PAX felt we could do better than the name Try Hard, so we reserve the right to rename him at his 2nd workout as long as this isn’t a violation of the naming rules (TYA????).
Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past year with F3 and I’m very grateful for all of you guys!

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  1. AWESOME VQ! Your mistakes, although blaring to you, were minimal and you know us, we have fun at your expense. Also, before handing over to Viral, you took us out like a BOSS.

  2. Also, many of you have asked what you could do for my family with my dad’s passing. My family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Raise, Inc. This is my wife’s non-profit company whose purpose is to provide job training and employment opportunities for those with special needs. If you watch the video, my son (F3 Toro) is the one who says he would “cut grass”. Web site is below.

    Also, thank you to all for the outpouring of love I have received over the last few days. It has meant the world to me.


  3. Great Q, Ollivander. Your cadence was solid and your instructions clear, Like an old pro. I look forward to more!

    So shakedown gets credit for “making the trek” to no toll but I don’t? I actually live about 100 feet further from the AO. I kid. I believe it’s flipper you should credit for coming across the river. 🙂

    Welcome to FNGs try hard and don draper. You guys crushed it out there.

  4. Great Q Ollivander. Not just a great VQ but a great Q. Total body workout and calling in some of your running buddies (including a couple Tomatoes) to lead us on our Mosey to the backlot, was well done. That’s advanced planning my friends. And, thanks for drawing some old faces back to NoToll – great having BT and LabRat visit the Holy Land and Plush Fields of NoToll. Come back soon fellas.

    No doubt you had some Q’drenaline running through your veins this morning. Well done!

    Welcome Try Hard and Draper. See you fellas out again soon I’m sure.

    A few suggestions for “Try Hard”: Slacker, Patch (Patch Adams), Scrubs

  5. Thanks for the excellent workout and warm welcome. Look forward to the next one. In Christ, “Dr Tryhard”

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Oli !
    Glad to have you on the Q sheet buddy!
    Looking forward to your Q @ Mary this week.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  7. Sounds like a nice beatdown, Ollivander! Great job on the VQ! I hope to make it to one of your future Q’s soon.

  8. Great job Olli! It all started with a last ditch invite to see if you could run the BRR and now just LOOK AT YOU! 😀

    Welcome Try Hard and Draper … hope to see you back out again soon!

  9. Well done Ollivander, great VQ. Of course there was some running involved today. I thought you had EHed a couple new guys for your VQ, didn’t realize they found us on their own. Welcome Draper and TryHard, hope you make it back soon. Good to see the Van1 contingent out for support.

  10. Nice work Ollie! Those No Toll boys are tough critics 🙂 , and you wowed ’em! Looking forward to Q on Thursday.

  11. Great Q Ollivander…are you sure that was your VQ? You didn’t really miss a beat.

    Looking forward to more of your Q’s…especially if they include as much running as we did this morning.

    Welcome Tryhard and Draper….tomorrow is a great day to come back out!

  12. Great job Oli!! For real. Your minor glitches were very normal.

    That was pretty funny when we moseyed right behind those three people running. Must have weirded them out.

    Welcome Dr. Tryhard and Don Draper. Very cool you found us on your own. Well done Tryhard getting signed up on the site so quickly. You should probably use your nickname though as to not confuse the dinner members of the Pax (myself included ?). Don’t forget to follow @f3richmond on Twitter/FB/IG as well.

    Olivander – this might help you feel better about your time of change https://youtu.be/Conaa_Pee68

    Well done sir. Looking forward to the next one

  13. Atta boy, Ollie! A salty old vet you are, my man. Solid Q for a healthy mix of old dudes and new dudes from all over RVA. I have emailed the city of Richmond to NOT cut the grass at Mary to see how you perform outside the utopia that is No Toll in less than ideal conditions;) Welcome, Draper and Try Hard, although we need to try really hard to come up with a new moniker! I’ll second Slacker and Patch, and add Borg (or Bjorn).