Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s my name?


A total of nine (large group for Batteau) made their way through the early morning, heavy mist to conquer another Batteau beat down.  The conditions were set up perfectly and thanks to the folks who assisted with headlamps (belt lamp for Vinny).

COP – Swirly

SSH X 20

DQ X 10


LBC’S X 20



Believe I’m missing one…

Vinny – Mosey to bottom of hill by the pond for a “pole smoker”. Each PAX member lies down at a wooden pole evenly spaced over the length of the bridge.  The PAX starts doing flutter kicks, while the first in line does a 2 count 10, then pops up and runs to the end of the line…next in line is counting, etc.  Half way through the Q calls out Hello Dolly’s for the PAX.

Hand off to Flange – Mosey to the tennis courts…first court has been demolished and left for a mud pit!  Sippy advised YHC that there is a second court and even a third…who knew.  Four Corners: 10 Carolina Dry Docks, run length of court to 2nd corner-20 WWII’s, Bear Crawl width of court  to corner 3-30 CDD,  run to corner 4-40 WWII’s, Bear Crawl back to start.  Second round-same exercises, same counts, but Bear Crawl length of court and Crab Walk the width.

Hand off to Sippy – Most who know Sippy at Batteau can only assume there would be some rocks involved!  Sippy calls out a Triple Check.  First round – Each line starts with a rock in front.  One does Crossover Merkins, one is Running to 2nd light on the Maintenance building and back, the 3rd is performing Jump Squats.  Round two – One is holding plank, with the rock on their back, one is Running to 2nd light, and 3rd is performing wall dips.

5 minutes left for Goldberg – Mosey to playground and stay in Triple Check Mode.  The instruction is for a sequence of 5-7-10 count Pull-Ups while the other two are performing Boo-Yah Merkins.  So, one in the trio completes his 5 Pull-Ups, then moves to the Boo-Yah’s.  Rotation is in play at that point as one jumps up to complete his Pull-Ups (one member is doubling up on Boo-Yah’s as the rotation goes).  Next is 7 Pull-Ups, then 10.

Mosey back to flag, Numberama, Namerama, Crossroads took us out!


As YHC pulled up this morning, the familiar silhouette of Swirly was eagerly awaiting alongside a figure that YHC did not recognize.  As YHC moved closer, it was certainly a familiar face, but had to ask “what’s your name”?  The reply was ABBA…”ah, that’s right”.  Very soon after, the remainder of the PAX rolled in, with Sippy Cup arriving in normal fashion on foot.  In keeping with the title, YHC was grouped with an unfamiliar PAX member during the triple check and when YHC approached him with “what’s your name”, the reply was…umm…wait a minute…I just started last week…oh, it’s Faceplant!  For the record, Faceplant looks strong a week in!  After the majority of the PAX had dispersed, Vinny and YHC are walking to the vehicles when Vinny looks at YHC and asks “do you want to do the honors”?  YHC was like “huh”?  The Back Blast he responds…oh!  Of course, YHC has never done this, so Vinny was kind enough to talk me through it.  Always a pleasure to post of Batteau and an honor to work along side a Strong group of Men!  Have a Blessed Monday!

Announcements – Puppy Pile this Saturday! CSAUP coming soon to Forest Hill…someone who is in the know can respond with those details.




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks for writing it up Flange !
    Great works guys – can’t think of a better way to start the week !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Well done fellas. That pullup/Boo-yah Triple Check sounds terrible, especially as the Closer. Ouch!

    Flange, now that you have written a BB and shared a few hot potato Qs, I’m expecting to see your solo VQ pop up soon!

  3. Atta boy Flange, well done. Great work out this morning men! Yes, the pull-up booyah merkins triple/double at the end was brutal … and awesome. It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning after camping out with Kubota, Slurpee, some other knuckleheads and our sons this weekend. Glad, as always, that I did.