Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wet and Muddy


Four brave warriors (including 1 FNG) broke the spell of the fart sack, last night’s down pour, and tired muscles from yesterday’s Convergence to hit the wet and muddy trails for Sunday Funday.  Here’s how it went, so I’m told:  Counter clockwise going Northbank to Buttermilk.  Mileage was ~7 miles, give or take.  Number-rama.  Name-a-rama.

NMS.  We welcomed FNG Furley, who Vinny recruited after last week’s Sunday trail run.  This now makes 2 PAX named after a Three’s Company character.  Extra credit to anyone who can guess which actor played Mr. Furley.  Both Pert Plus and and Furley are veteran Spartan Race competitors and crushed the run today.  YHC enjoyed hearing stories from their races and dreams of one day doing more than 2 rungs on the monkey bars.  It was also great hanging with Shakedown. Great job today guys!

On a personal note, my 1 year F3 anniversary was a few weeks back during BRR. I realized that over the past year I’ve never volunteered to queue.  It’s easy to be a consumer, harder to be a giver. So I decided to get off my arse and sign-up to lead.  My first ever queue will be this Tuesday at No Toll followed by my second queue at Mary on Thursday.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot wrong, but we’ll have fun doing it!

See ya in the gloom!



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