Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tale of Two Davids


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, not really, it was a cool, wet Wednesday in the gloom at SOT with YHC and a couple of guys that don’t call each other David.  No one signed up for the Q and YHC had an idea this morning that DK liked more than running 5 miles.

Break out two kettlebells for a little weighted action.  Warm up with some of the usuals and then on to the triple checks.  With 2 kettlebells and 3 men we mixed it up to have 2 men with KB at all times.

Triple Check 1 – P1 runs to the flagpole and back, P2 KB swings, P3 Goblet Squat

Triple Check 2 – P1 Bear crawls across the bus loop and parking spaces, P2 curls, P3 Halos

Triple Check 3 – P1 and P2 Waiter/Farmer carry 1 Kb each, P3 5 burpees run to catch up – switch KB to give everyone a chance with each weight

Triple Check 4 – P1 run to the flagpole and back, P2 Sit and Press, P3 Lawnmower Rows

Triple Check 5 – P1 and P2 lunge with 1 KB, P3 10 HRM then run to catch up, switch KB each round

7 minutes of Mary – Flutter Kicks, Dollies, Freddie Mercury, APD, Peter Parker, LBC

YHC had a good time on the tour getting back to the couple of KB workouts (Mudface’s shoulder crushing Murph notwithstanding) and decided to bring it back to a lower attended AO.  First thing was to get the KB lent to Kubota for the tour back.  Apparently he enjoyed the KB workouts so much he is going to be a regular at Circus.  DK was happy to do some KB workouts again after being a founding member of the CM crew before tweaking his back and not returning.  We were trying to remind ourselves of various KB exercises to do.  Tobit mentioned the lack of bicep exercises so we through some curls in there to help him sculpt his guns.  Consensus, from the 3 attending at least, was that the kettlebells worked well and may become a semi-regular occurrence at SOT.

Great job guys, thanks for letting me take the reigns this morning.


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  1. Another great Q, Rosie! Thanks for leading this morning…and for introducing KBs at SOT. Looking forward to their next appearance!

    The KB lunge was no joke and my quads will feel those for sure (ironically, I thought that exercise would be the easiest).

    Have a great day fellas!

  2. Well done fellas. Maybe I’ll put my 2 KBs in the car so between Rosie and I we would have 4 at SOT and/or Timberwolf – never know when they could be called upon!