Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bikers, Runners, and a Rucker


5 strong posted for the Wed Hill Run and here is how it went down.

Husky and TYA – crushed it on there bikes. Husky attacked the hills – TYA rocked it over to Northside and back!

Kubota – Rucked it – 30 pound pack jogging and walking the hills – atta baby Kubota – way to push dude !

Shakedown and Swirly – run the hills – Shake = 1 long loop then had to split wasn’t feeling great – hope your feeling better dude! Swirly – 1 long loop – 1 medium loop – 1 short loop.

Great work guys – enjoyed it !

See y’all in  the gloom…


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  1. Yesterday the pain was an 8. Lots of ice and some stretching and it’s a 3 today. Should be back in business tomorrow. That was pretty debilitating though. Never had my shoulder ruin a run before. But like Saab says, it might not have been a great run but I got a run in. Thanks for the lap Swirly – good talking with ya.