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Always 70 and Sunny

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Six Batteau regulars met for their weekly ritual of a Hot Potato beatdown.

Swirly Q: COP (IC) – SSHs x 20 / Helicopters x 10 / DQs x 10 / LBCs x 20. Mosey to top of the stairs or the bottom of boulder hill, whichever you prefer. Partner up. Partner 1 curls boulder while partner 2 runs to second light and back x 3 each. Partner 1 overhead presses while partner 2 lunges to first light and runs back x 3 each. Partner 1 boulder WWII with an airpress while partner 2 karaokes to the second light and runs back x 3 each.

Bleeder Q: Mosey over the hill and through the woods to the top of the pit we went. BLIMPS – 5 polar bears. 10 inch worms. 20 lunges. Repeato to the top of Love Hill.

Sippy Cup Q: Back into the pit. Partner up. Partner 1 runs up to the stairs to the pavillon and assumes balls to the wall. Partner 2 completes 15 box jumps and runs up to the pavillion to switch with partner 2 who runs down to the pit and repeats. Same partners. Partner 1 completes 10 Bulgarian (1 leg on a bench, 1 leg on the ground) squats while partner 2 completes chicken peckers. Repeat each leg twice for a total of 4 rounds (some people don’t like math).

Crossroads Q: Mosey back over the hill and back through the woods to the playground, you know. Iesha. Triple check. Partner 1 completes 10 burpees while partner 2 performs pull-ups and partner 3 completes flutter kicks. Not a 101, but more than enough. Back to the flag.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: 4 year anniversary convergence at Dogpile. Followed by a cross country scoring event or a FNG friendly bootcamp, both at 7:05. Cookout to follow. CSAUP on 10/20 at Forest Hill Park – 7:00 a.m. start. Puppypile on 9/29.

NMS: YHC has a friend whose kid is going through a really difficult time in their life. By extension, so is the entire family. As men, and as leaders, we tend to look for ways to inspire and support those around us. As we should. We should be rocks and pillars. But we too need inspiration and support. We should look to each other in times of need, but I challenge you to also look to kids – your own and others. They can do amazing things, and often do it during that time in their lives when nothing seems settled. When the future has no real meaning to them, and the pressure of the present is outstanding. So as we go out this week, let’s continue to lead, inspire and support those who need it. But let’s also renew our search for inspiration and support, remind ourselves that we too need it, and look to find it in the hearts and minds of kids.

Res Ipsa Loquitur – The Beatdown Speaks For Itself


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well said Vinny!
    Thanks for writing up the BB buddy.
    Great work guys – that’s the way to start a week !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Thanks to all who Q’d this morning…a legit beat down! Big thanks to Vinny for the reminder I also needed today. My oldest and I butted heads this morning and in the rush to get them out the door, I failed to give him the hug he and I both needed. I know what my first order of business will be this evening!

  3. Getting everyone out the door today was rough at our house also. Thanks for the good reminder to circle back when I get home.