Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good Morning Governor


Six warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  According to legend it went a little something like this.

Counter clockwise trail loop down Northbank Trail with crossings at either Belle Isle or Pottersfield Bridge to the Buttermilk and back to the Pump House parking lot.  Mileage was in the 7 range.

Namerama, numberama, Olivander led us out.

News: 4 Year Convergence is next Saturday (9/22) at Dogpile with not 1 but 2 extra toppings.  Wilson requested that we do morning running and Phonics kindly obliged with an XC style run.  See Phonics for details and Wilson for inspiration.  The run starts at 7am.  Also starting at is an FNG friendly workout lead by the greatness of JVille.  Headlock the reluctant, and let’s make it a great turnout.

Marv has the Q with a 7:05 start time for Puppy Pile 9/29.

There’s a CSAUP in Forest Hill Park on 10/20.  See TYA for details.

Moleskin:  Despite the slightly cooler temperatures the humidity was a present cape on the F3 RVA heroes.  All runners came back nearly discernable from a trail run or a dip in the mighty James River.

Governor Northam (and VMI alumni) was spotted putting in some miles this Sunday.  Way to go Gov! Great to have Lola back out!

Make it a good one fellas!



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  1. Thanks for writing the B.B. Hardywood. Great run with Offshore and Sally (AKA Collection Plate) today. The trails were in solid shape, all things considered.

  2. Should have EH’d the governor Hardywood! Great run guys and of course, perfect way to start my Sunday! Glad to have pulled my skinny ass out of bed!!