Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Opus’ day off


9 warriors showed up on this kind of moist morning for a gentle beatdown.

Here is what happened (more or less)
Hallelujah Run around the church

Circle up —
IJR, Smurf jacks, arm circles, crab cakes, flutterkicks, box cutters, dirty dogs, curb one legged copperhead squats
5 burpees OYO

1 minute plank on curb, 1 minute reverse plank on curb

Move over a little and do uneven merkins on curb (one hand on curb, one hand on asphalt) do 10 IC each arm

THE BEAST — 6 at each light
1) toe taps on curb
2) alternating shoulder taps
3) Smurf Jacks
4) Merkins
5) Jump Squats
6) Burpees

Lights go off at 6:05 right as we are finishing the Beast

11’s around the loop at front of church
starting with 1 stump merkin and 10 mountain climbers — you know the drill

Numbers, Names, Announcements, YHC took us out

Announcements –
1) The Creek 2 year anniversary will be held next Friday the 21st!  Had No idea it has been that long!

2) 4 year anniversary of F3 at Dogpile  on the 22nd.  6 AM bootcamp.  7:15 VITA course race.  Munchies afterwards.

Most of the mumblechatter dealt with the fact that Opus (and all the local students) were off today for a light summer shower.  YHC actually wanted to be at work today — was just starting to get into a rhythm at school and YHC’s kids were actually getting ready on time without complaining!  Not complaining about a day off, though.

Many prayers for the people who are in need of rescue and also the ones doing the rescuing.  Men and women willing to sacrifice their lives to save another.  We are indeed grateful for all of these people who do this kind of thing on a regular basis and make it their life’s calling.

all apologies to No  Idea.  Sorry I skipped right over you during the Name-o-rama.



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  1. Great Q Opus! Those uneven Merkins were no joke. Enjoy your day off.

    Prayers go out to all our F3 brothers in NC and SC. Stay safe!