Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Can Put Your Meat in My Freezer


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Thirteen gentlemen gathered flags and converged by the lake for a 9/11 themed version of Spider Run.  A few regulars expressed their frustration on the bathroom doors being locked.  Alas, instructions were given and off we went.  Those that had flags carried them for the run.

The Route
Everyone proceed up by the golf course, right on fairway and proceed up Iris to Three Chopt.  Right on Three Chopt and then left on Grove.

4s – Left on Granite, left on Patterson, left on St Christophers, right on the access road, left onto Campus then back to the start.

5s – Left on Roslyn which turns into Harlan, left on Patterson, left on St Christophers, right on the access road, left onto Campus then back to the start.

6s – Left on Bunting, left on Patterson, left on Honaker, right jog to Boatwright, left on campus, back to the start.

Numberama, namerama, wait for TYA then YHC took us out.

What a great morning for a run to reflect on what happened 17 years ago.  The run was mostly quiet this morning which provided ample time for personal reflection on the sacrifices people have made to provide for the freedoms that we take for granted.  Kudos to all that carried the flag today, either part way or for the entire route if your name is Swirly.

Bleeder got the message last night and opted out of flag carrying and wore his c. 1997 Britches American flag rugby shirt.  Today was not a cool morning to wear a vintage rugby shirt.  Love the energy though.

With the impending weather the latter half of the week, Shakedown suggested that we all use this group to support each other if someone is in need.  Shakedown graciously offered up a place to store your meat.  He indicated it was right beside his ammo store so don’t get any wild ideas.

If anyone needs a generator see Kubota.

Lots of CSAUP opportunities in the future.  9/22 Convergence, 9/29 Puppy Pile, 10/20 CSAUP, 12/2 Bear Creek 10 miler.

Congrats to Lockjaw who posted his 200th time since #bigdata started collecting.

#bigdata is watching



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Idea to run with the flag Splinter !
    That was no joke – you forget how much you use your arms when you run.
    Excellent job guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. A lackluster run for me but I’ll blame it on TYA rescinding my van-driving privileges and forcing me to run this past weekend.

    Intermittent carry of Shakedowns broken flag did inspire me to press on so I have that to thank you for Splinter.

  3. Ye old meat locker. Hilarious. Pucker and I usually find ourselves in cadence with only ourselves so we didn’t carry any flags today but a humbling reflection it was seeing Swirly and Shake ahead of us for a short period.

  4. Hard work carrying those flags. Thanks Saab and Lockjaw for the assist.

    Well done guys. This morning was thick. FYI my conference is getting cut short so I’ll be home in time from VA beach. Offer stands. Reach out if y’all need help