Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory, Old Skool


11 Awesome North Siders gathered around the mobile shovel flag for the Lab Rat version of Old Glory.  Research was done.  Notes were taken.  Game plans were drawn, scrapped, and redrawn.  Here is the final outcome:

1 mile run….bro code style passing the flag around along the way.  Down the back past the football field and thru the gate, then cut up around the elementary school and plant the flag on the back side  of the track.

For 20 minutes, run the track and stop at each of the 4 corners to perform the following:

  1. 20 merkins
  2. 20 jump squats
  3. 20 WW2 situps
  4. 10 pullups

1 mile indian run back to start, with the leader performing a positive transfer of the flag…so that the flag is always in front.

3 minutes of mary to wrap it up.


I thought I had an FNG lined up this morning, so this morning started by my sitting in front of this dude’s driveway staring at a completely lifeless house until 5:12.  I gave him 2 minutes past our appointed time to surprise me.  Obviously, he did not surprise me.  Shame.  No matter, I knew we would have at least a few guys to keep me company.  I had hard commits from Kit Kat and Spike yesterday when we ran together, and barring baby issues, Spit would be there.  Surprise showings by Helix (back from IR) and Rounders (work release?) were a bonus.  Flounder has been staking claim on being a regular DaVillian….have you made it to a Dogpile yet?  If not, we need to get you down there.  Chowdah, L.P., Opus, and Wheelie rounded out the pax to make it a Usual Suspects pax list this morning.

I had pretty much set my sights on Old Glory Sunday afternoon after seeing Gumbo drag it out last week, thinking it had been a minute since we had done it at DaVille.  Talking with Rosie about the differences of No Toll and DaVille OG’s got me to thinking there should be a better metric if we are actually going to record these things.  Also, when talking with Kit Kat during our run yesterday, he seemed disappointed when I told him no pull ups on the Weinke.  Wheels grinding, I pulled some old school back blasts out from down south then put the pieces together for the DaVille AO.  Here is how it lays out in Lab Rat thinking:

  • To get to the back side of the track the long way is almost exactly a mile.  Original Old Glory starts out with first mile all you got….but that’s stupid and a good way to pull a hammy.
  • The track is exactly 1/4 mile.
  • pullup bars next to track in one corner.  BONUS:  Jerkin bars right next to it for those that choose to modify.
  • Could have done an all you got run back with the flag, but I wanted to keep the pax together.  Besides, a mile indian run is NO JOKE.  (as always, burpees optional)
  • Bonus thought on restrictor plating this:  Once you lap a pax member, you have to do an extra burpee per station.  Add a burpee for each additional pax member lapped.  This was NOT implemented this morning.

So there you have it…..only time will tell if this version will stick.  By the way, for those of you following along and would like to see how things shaked out, Spike was well in front and I think he finished with an even 4 laps.  Lab Rat was middle of the pax’ish with 3 1/4 laps.

Well done by all this morning!  I would love feedback on whether you liked this or not….and also what everybody thought of the 1 mile indian run to finish.  Spit was right behind Spike and he had 3.5 miles covered.

Lab Rat took us out on thoughts regarding 9/11 and what it means to live free.

Apology of the week goes out to any pax that wanted a mushy theme for 9/11.  Lab Rat is not too good at mushy or themes, so he leaves it to those that are.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. I like reading the Old Glory variant but can’t say I would like doing it. It’s been a long time since I’ve partaken in an old glory. Nice work Lab Rat.

  2. I knew there would be at least one OG today and for a minute at NoToll this morning, I thought we might go back to back with OGs — that would have really indoctrinated Doozy, whose first post was an OG. Alas, Vinny had other devious plans.

    Well done, Lab Rat. The variant add some interesting twists.

  3. Great OG Lab Rat. I had given up on OG in DaVille, glad you brought it back!

    I’m pretty sure Spike completed 5 laps. Which makes since because based on my watch I travelled 3.3 miles and I was about a 1/4 lap behind him. Nonetheless TClaps to him for not only going about 3.5 miles during the workout but also run to the AO and back for another 2 miles!

    Great job to the whole PAX. As Wilson always says “Running Sucks”.

  4. I may have totally muffed up the counting. I was trying to remember if I did 3 or 4 stations at the pullup bars. My head says 3, my back says 8. I was going off my count, then adding 1 to Spike knowing that he hadnt lapped me.

  5. I like Old Glory: UvU with the added incentive of not being lapped! Unlike Kit-Kat, I was not excited for Pull-ups in this morning. My 2.0s and I added pull-ups to our NFL-watching workout this Sunday. Something popped in my shoulder during the second quarter of the Steelers Game.

    Next time we should use Popsicle sticks like the Cool Spring runners do!

  6. It was at leadt five laps for Spike. I was finishing up my fourth when Spike mercifully decided to hang out with me for moral support on the pullup bars until Spit yelled “Time”. Spike probably could have eeked out another half lap if I hadn’t held him back. Props to Rounders for cranking out the knerkins and for Opus putting it in high gear for the Indian run back. Thanks as always for leading, Lab Rat.