Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A fitting location to remember 9/11


Seven Stalwarts showed up to carry the shovelflag around and enjoy the fog. First we did a lap with the flag in solidarity with the other RVA AOs. Then we did:

COP- Ssh, Don Qs, Helicopters, Merkins, Reverse Crunch, Imperial Walkers. Mosey to Pemberton ES side to check out new construction. Totem pole leg raise then Burpee Arrow loops and back to QMS. 5 Box Jumps & 10 Derkins.  More rounds increasing each by 5.  Stop for 25 WWII Situps.

Down to Jerkin Gym- 4 sets of 8 Jerkins. Then 3 times up Heartbreak Hill with Jumpsquats at top. Back to Jerkin Gym for 2 more sets of 10 Jerkins. Back with Flag & some Mary.

NMS- Vinnie made sure all the AOs kept Old glory on display this morning. YHC thought of some theme ideas to remember 9/11 but instead for a standard beatdown. In the COT YHC was glad to bring up Alysia Burton, a fellow WM grad from my year, who died on 9/11.  She attended Byrd MS and when they renamed the school recently there was talk of naming the school after her. YHC thought it a nice tribute to honor her memory at Heartbreak Ridge along with others.

The trip to Pemberton side of the AO was uneventful as there isn’t much there so why not knock out 30 burpees. The Jerkin Gym grass had recently been cut so all our shoes got covered in grass. Mumble chatter was light as the humidity took it out the Pax.

Announcements – Convergence 9/22 and Csaup run next month on 10/20.



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  1. “so why not knock out 30 burpees”…this is the kind of stuff the Silent Assassin thinks and says. Brutal.

    Great job guys. Nice tribute to your fallen classmate.

  2. Great job Honeydo. My mind and attention had been focused so much on the storm that I had forgotten what day it was. Thanks for helping me adjust my focus.

  3. I’ll cut you some slack on forgetting 9/11 since you were in Kindergarten on 9/11/01 and likely at nap time when it happened…

  4. How old do you think I am? Maybe Crossroads! He’s gotta be the youngest in the Pax at 23. He totally would have been in Kindergarten.