Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tomato Burst


5 DaVillans arrived at a much needed cooler start of the week to get in some miles

Routes were as follows:

Mudface and No Idea headed out for their 3 Mile ruck. They did hit the trails which they mentioned later was a bad idea.

Rounders, Mayhem, and YHC headed out onto Atlee Station and over the bridge. Mayhem got behind and decided to head back for a couple laps around the parking lot. Rounders and YHC turned back at the Bojangles, check on Mayhem, then headed for a loop around the schools and part of Honey Meadows to get close to 4.25 miles.

We got a late start to due to MudFace being a LIFO but still managed to keep a 8:40 pace.

Glad to have Rounders and Mayhem out for their first post at Tomato Run





  1. Interesting….

    I went to Rutland for a bro code run this morning. Might have to put the shift on if there will be more regulars coming.

    However, today was not the day for an 8:40 pace for me.