Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to normal at Hoedown


Fifteen faithful found their way in the dark to Hoedown to find things back to the normal school routine:

Cop – SSH, Don Qs, Scorpion kicks, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Hillbillies. Redskins tribute: 24 Burpees for 24 pts in their win yesterday.

Mosey to Blacktop for 4 Corners: 10 V-Ups, 20, Hand Release Merkins, 30 Jump Squats, 40 WWII Situps. Partner up- Wheelbarrow width of blacktop, each man twice.

Head to field- 2 sets of sprints up n back. Then 3 sets of PLTs. Partners head to wall. 3 rounds of altnerating Donkey Kicks while other runs field, 5 pull ups and back. Then down to drop off circle for Triple Check of B2W, Flutterkicks, and run loop. Finish with 30 American Hammers. Handshake took us out.

NMS – School is back in session, 15 PAX at Hoedown, AO is dangerously dark, Saab talked about fallic symbols, Fudd was LIFO, and all is right with the world. 24 Burpees in the cop was a bit much bit HTTR!

We had 2 BRR runners post with Saab and Gomer Pyle, Aye!  They both looked fine after their long weekend. Mumblechatter was more about the Kubota/Gumbo Dogpile beat down than BRR stories.

Good to have Flange and Buttermilk out. And good words from Handshake at the end, can’t believe it has been 6 months. Time flies in the Gloom…

Announcements – 4 Year Anniversary next Saturday 9/22 and Slurpee has Breaking Bread on 9/23. He could use some more hands.

Have a great week men, Silent Assassin signing off.



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  1. Nice Q this am. Way to maximize 60 minutes of beatdown in 45 minutes. It’s like we hit a time wormhole in the Gloom.

    Hoedown: Darkest AO in the RVA!

  2. Nice one, HD! It’s nice getting back into a normal routine. You hit all the popular spots at Hoedown this morning. Way to come right back out Saab and Gomer Pyle! Glad y’all made it back safe and had fun.
    ****Contact Kubota for you generator needs this week!*****

  3. If we have to do burpees every time the Redskins win we may be in for a long fall. Great variety Honeydo. It’s almost November so some pre-work on the shoulders is definitely needed.

  4. It was great to see everyone this morning. Impressive Q HD….Upon my long absence from Hoedown I was convinced that you all had gone to 60 minutes…

    Splinter, I may require a 3 mile option at Spider Run tomorrow

  5. Great job, Honeydo nice getting back to normal baby! Respect also to Gomer Pyle and Saabsky for posting after the race…

    Great partnering w Gomer, Flange, and Garbage plate! Have a good Monday…

  6. Btw, Kubota – I likely will be in need of a generator based on the weather report I just witnessed….heading into inservices up here in NOVA with my customer, can you please kindly text me the F3 discounted pricing?