Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running with the Devil


A hot and humid fourteen broke away from post-holiday slumbers and kids getting ready for school to get a few miles in.  YHC called the Devil’s Pitchfork and off we went with 4, 5, and 6 mile variants.

Marv took us out.


YHC knew Honey Do would be posting to conclude the Summer Tour.  What better way to defend yourself against the Silent Assassin than with a Devil’s Pitchfork?  Way to go completing the Summer Tour!

Labrat’s apologies of the day has to go to the runner we ran into along our route who he felt compelled to criticize.  The dude was running in the dark and probably didn’t see you.  If he is who HD and I think he is, it was no offense.  Also, you owe me 42 burpees.

Welcome Shotgun!  Cool name and we hope you will rejoin us sometime soon.

BRR runners looked ready to roll this morning.  Glad I could send them off nice and easy with a few hills.  You are welcome.  Remember, there is a…..

Time to Taper,



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  1. Always a good route Lockjaw. Glad Westham Station was “open” to pedestrian traffic.

    The temp was only 76 but the feels like must have been >100. Nice work to all for pushing through that mess.

  2. NIce route.

    Also, you are welcome. I gave you something to think about this morning.

    Lab Rat is always apologetic though…

  3. Way to max out that summer tour, HoneyDo. And damn is it humid. I’m still sweating. At least Marv took us out. He’s one of the few of us that might get serious consideration for a request for cooler weather;)